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The Ultimate UK Company Database 2020

Hannah Skingle

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Whether you want to source new sales leads, track the progress of your clients or carry out effective market research — you need accurate, structured company data in order to do your job well. You may be able to find some usable data hidden amongst the noise of Companies House and other free providers, but cutting through that noise is a full-time job in itself, leaving you little room for outreach and analysis. 

This is where Beauhurst comes in. Not only do we curate the UK’s most comprehensive company database, we also provide you with state of the art tools and a dedicated Account Manager, so you can get the most out of the data, and complete your tasks faster than ever before. 

If you’re looking for international data, then Beauhurst isn’t for you. But if you have a UK focus and are looking to invest in a premium data platform, you’ll want to read on. Here’s a rundown of what makes Beauhurst the ultimate UK company database on the market.

See everything you need in one place

with unrivalled coverage drawn from thousands of sources


We currently track around 32k of the UK’s most ambitious and high-growth companies, with 163 additional businesses added each week. How do we qualify these companies as high-growth, you ask? We currently have eight triggers for inclusion which encapsulate a broad range of growth journeys, because we know there are many roads to success.

Ambitious companies

We’ll track all of the transactions, financials, basic details and press mentions for each of these businesses. This company information comes from a wide variety of places, from Companies House to social media and business websites. We combine these sources and curate a centralised profile for each business, categorised into helpful tabs, so you can quickly hone in on the bits you’re interested in. 

Find everything you need to know about a company, from their sector and location, to financial information, the number of employees and verified contact details for decision makers. We’ve even determined the impact of COVID-19 on each of the 32k businesses.

Company check Gousto


You’ll get insight into every single equity round a company has secured, even those that aren’t announced to the media. These unannounced fundraisings make up around 70% of all investments in the UK, and we are the only data provider in the world that tracks them. 

See everything you need to know about an individual round, including the verified amount, who invested and advised, and the associated valuation and turnover multiples.

Company transaction check

Key people

We also have data on all the key people (founders, directors and senior management) and shareholders at every tracked company. This includes each individual’s shareholding history, contact details and a visualisation of their network, so you can easily see if you have any mutual connections.

the supporting ecosystem

On top of this, we track all of the funds and accelerator programmes that support our high-growth companies. See their acceptance criteria, portfolio, statistics and common areas of interest at just a glance.

Perform better market research

With proprietary classifications to replace outdated categories


On top of existing data, we also provide our own sector matrix, which offers a more useful alternative to outdated SIC codes. Where companies are operating within an emerging space or trending niche, they’ll be tagged with the appropriate ‘buzzwords’. These range from adtech to eHealth and quantum. We manually tag companies with as many sectors and buzzwords as are applicable. 

For example, Revolut’s SIC code describes the company as ‘other information technology service activities’ — a fairly useless label, to say the least. Our tags paint a much more accurate picture of the business, so even if you hadn’t heard of Revolut before (where have you been?) you can understand what it does in no time.

company classifications

Stages of evolution

We’ve done away with the pre-seed, series A, B, etc. categories of fundraisings. The meaning of these terms can vary by company, country or investors, and are fairly useless when it comes to cross-sectoral analysis. For example, a pharma company may be in a very early stage of development when it secures a ‘Series C’ round, whereas a tech company may already be in ‘take-over-the-world’ mode.

Instead, we assign each company a ‘stage of evolution’, based on over 40 different data points. This provides a holistic measure of a business’ lifecycle stage, and makes it possible to conduct effective market research. Every business is assigned a stage of evolution, even if it has never raised funding.


Have confidence in data-led decisions

Every data point is manually verified and regularly reviewed by our intelligent in-house data team

All of the data on the Beauhurst platform is manually curated and regularly reviewed by our fantastic in-house Data Quality team.

We admit that we might not always have the full picture. But that’s where the expertise of our subscribers comes in. Anyone that sees something that doesn’t look quite right, or has additional data on a company, transaction or fund, can send a direct message to DQ. They’ll  investigate and update accordingly — usually within an hour.

Chynna, DQ Team Lead

Search, discover and track with ease

With state of the art tools

Having stressed the depth, breadth and quality of our data, it’s time to turn your attention to our tech; Beauhurst is not just a business database, it’s a data platform, allowing you to search across, discover and track the companies you care about.

Search over the dataset

Our Advanced Search tool sits at the heart of our platform, allowing you to sift through the dataset and build a refined list of businesses that matter to you, whether that’s a group of new business leads, competitors, or cohort of companies to analyse.

Set up automatic tracking

If you want to keep track of the resulting cohort over time, just add them to a Collection. You’ll then receive alerts on these companies whenever it suits you — every day, once a week, or on specific days. This way, you’ll always have your finger on the pulse, and be informed of new transactions, changes to key details, press mentions and senior hires.

This automatic tracking feature means you won’t have to perform the same searches over again and again — you can take a back seat whilst we do all the legwork.

Find investors for your clients

One of our most popular features is the My Clients tool. This lets you easily match companies with appropriate funds and grant options, by filling in a simple questionnaire about your client and the type funding they’re looking for.

Explore markets at a glance

The Explore tool lets you understand a section of the economy in minutes, whether that be a certain sector, region or even a local authority. See trends in funding history, top companies and geographical distribution of businesses within the area, as well as key people and the impact of COVID-19 on the whole cohort. We even show what proportion of the cohort are female-led — a very handy feature for some quick market analysis.

Explore UK company database

Take the data offline and conduct deep analysis

With exportable data in CSV and PDF formats

You may not be able to carry out all of your tasks directly on the Beauhurst platform, so we’ve made almost all of the data points exportable, so you can carry out further analysis or complex calculations. Download data in a CSV, or export a company profile to a PDF so you can quickly prepare for meetings.

Interested in what the PDF download looks like? Here’s a free sample

Become a Beauhurst super user

With guidance from our stellar Account Management team

Last, but by no means least, our Account Managers are one of the most valuable aspects to a Beauhurst subscription. Each of our subscribers has a dedicated Account Manager who will  provide initial onboarding and training sessions, as well as ongoing support and follow-up meetings. If you ever have any questions about the platform, want some advice on building a more tailored search, or want to discuss the intricacies of the data, the AM team will be on hand to help.

Our Account Managers will always take a consultative approach, and the same goes for our Sales Associates. If you’re interested in finding out more, discussing the best subscription package for you, and seeing the platform in action, just fill out the form below and one of our Associates will be in touch.

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