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Get full visibility of your region—updated daily

Understand your local economy

No more relying on outdated spreadsheets. Our data is always accurate—and always up to date—thanks to our approach. Discover key trends across sectors, transaction types and company growth. So you can have a full view of your local ecosystem.

Illustration search results showing the number of active companies in New Anglia and top business markets
Illustration of the search tool on the Beauhurst platform

Identify and track innovative businesses

Discover those companies conducting pioneering research and building the next generation of innovative businesses in each sector and geography—both inside and outside your area. We do the data—you do the business support.

Track results

Identify success stories and regional strengths. Find the organisations putting your region on the map. And measure the impact of your input.

Map of the UK showing the data visualisation capabilities for local areas on Beauhurst
Illustration of data trends for top 10 funders by fundraisings on the Beauhurst platform

Boost collaboration

Having a common data language changes the game. Work better across teams and with other councils, spot opportunities, refer companies between teams, and have better visibility across current and past partnerships.

With Beauhurst, we have access to real-time information, with a level of detail that we wouldn't get anywhere else. And we can use this information to reach out to new businesses.
Amin Vepari
Business Finance & Scaleup Lead

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