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Our products and services

Beauhurst is a searchable database of the UK’s high-growth companies.

We collect information on some of the country’s fastest-growing businesses, from seed-stage startups to growing scaleups and beyond. We identify high-growth businesses as any that meet our signature triggers of growth.

We offer access to Beauhurst through annual subscriptions. Registered users can log in to Beauhurst from any internet browser. If you’re new to Beauhurst, we offer free demonstrations at any time that suits you, whether in-person or online. Just click below to organise this with our team.

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Beauhurst is a complex product – we feel the best way of introducing new users to its full functionality is through an in-person demo with one of our team. There’s absolutely no obligation to buy and we promise we don’t bite!

We offer subscriptions to Beauhurst on an annual basis. Check out our plans page for more information on our basic price structure.

Beauhurst is primarily a product for professionals looking to work with high-growth companies rather than entrepreneurs looking for funding. Check out our plans page to find out more, or contact us.

Our platform is used by hundreds of organisations across dozens of industries, from professional services to government, investment to recruitment.

Check out our Solutions page to find out how they use Beauhurst.

Yes! We have an in-house Research and Consultancy team that works on everything from custom research requests and analysis, to in-depth report and thought leadership creation.

Our data

We collect our data using a mixture of automation, machine learning and good, old-fashioned human research.

We like to think that we’re different to a simple database.

We identify the UK’s ambitious companies using our own triggers of growth, including equity investment, participating in a leading business accelerator or becoming a “scaleup”.

Given our UK focus, we can collect an unrivalled amount of data on every company that meets our triggers, featuring hundreds of datapoints on everything from transactions to people and technology. We are the only provider of comprehensive data on unreported fundraisings in the UK.

We don’t add companies based on user submissions. We only add these when they meet our triggers of growth.

Our data is concentrated on the UK’s high-growth companies and the organisations associated with them. We do also collect information about non-UK-based companies on a limited basis. For more information, visit our data page.

As we concentrate specifically on high-growth businesses, we need ways to identify companies that are actively growing or creating ambitious growth plans. We use a range of criteria or “triggers” to identify these companies, all of which share some sort of external validation of a company’s future, from a funder, research house or similar organisation.

If a business meets one or more of these triggers, our Data team begin collecting information to build a detailed profile of it on Beauhurst.

Our company

We work in the heart of Brixton, South London. 

Yes! Check out our careers page for more information.

Yes! Check out our careers page for more information.

We created Beauhurst to help shine a light on high-growth companies. We believe that helping people discover and understand these companies better will help the UK economy grow and benefit everyone in it.

We get asked this all the time 🙂 We say “Bo-hurst”. But we’ve heard variations that range from “Bar-hurst” to “Bew-hurst”, and everything in between!

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