A tailored plan to suit your business

Access to the platform gives you:

  • A comprehensive view of the high-growth market on national, regional, and sectoral levels.
  • Deep data profiles on each of the 30k tracked companies, the funds that back them, and the flows of investment between them.
  • A dedicated account manager, who will provide training sessions throughout the subscription period and help you with all enquiries and requests.
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Incorporated in the last 3 years with under 10 employees? We offer discounted plans for small, early stage businesses. 

from £833 /month  *billed annually

Our single team plan includes up to 5 seats, and scales with extra seats, additional exports or add-ons.

from £1250 /month  *billed annually

Meet company wide objectives with a multi-team plan and improve the transfer of data between teams.

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For plans over 30 seats or custom implementations, a consultant will draw up a bespoke package. 

Customise your subscription with add-ons

All Company Data
Understand the whole of the UK company landscape
  • Search over profiles of every registered company in the UK, so you can understand the full business landscape in any location or sector.
  • Build comprehensive lists of companies across the UK. For example, companies that have specific financials in a particular region.
Explore the people behind the UK’s most exciting businesses.
  • Search for serial entrepreneurs or active angel investors, and explore each person’s ‘network’ through the various organisations they’re part of.
  • Mark people as known to you to see how you can leverage your existing connections and network towards new ones.
COVID-19 Impact Data
Understand the evolving impact of COVID-19
  • See and understand the impact of COVID-19 on each individual company, and on categories of different companies.
  • Analyse specific areas of operational impact, such as ‘surge in demand’, as well as overall business impact, whether it be negative, low or positive.

hugo lough, associate director

In short, Beauhurst has made me more efficient and more able to identify potential clients, which in turn results in more revenue for the business.
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 Frequently Asked Questions 

All Beauhurst subscriptions are paid on an annual upfront basis. You can pay via invoice or with a credit card.
Of course! The best way of understanding the full functionality of the Beauhurst platform is through a tailored walkthrough with one of our consultants.
You can get started on the Beauhurst platform in a matter of minutes. As soon as you click the button in your subscription order, your account manager will set up your accounts and get in touch to arrange a training session for you and your team.
Yes! Our team of account managers and consultants are specialists in our data, and will offer face to face and remote support throughout your subscription. Want to know more about a specific company or transaction? Submit a research request directly through the platform and our dedicated team will look into it as a priority.
Explore the Beauhurst platform for yourself.

Book a 40 minute demo today to see all of the key features as well as the depth and breadth of data on the Beauhurst platform.

An associate will work with you to build a sophisticated search, returning a dynamic list of organisations matching your ideal client.