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The data platform for
research and innovation services

Support innovation with access to game-changing data

Optimise reporting

Use the platform to analyse the companies you have supported and prove the impact of their services to update stakeholders, win funding and market your services. It’s that simple.

Illustration showing the Beauhurst platform search tool
Map of the UK showing the data visualisation capabilities for local areas on Beauhurst

Uncover unmissable opportunities

Using our vast, detailed data sets to reveal companies to work with. And impress in your initial meetings by using Beauhurst data to understand who they are and what they do.

Win with data

Use our data to approach the right companies and people, at the right time. Use our networks feature to leverage your network and make warm introductions. And track innovation trends in just a few clicks.

Illustration search results showing the number of active companies in New Anglia and top business markets
An example UK company profile on the Beauhurst platform

Screen better, quicker

Complete due diligence processes on potential partners, companies and people with access to BeauhurstImpact. Understand track records with a few clicks—and avoid any disadvantageous associations.
We have been very impressed with the data held on the system... It's not only been helpful in identifying and targeting companies we would want to undertake collaborative R&D with, it’s also helped us identify sources of funding for existing relationships.
Saqab Rasul
SME & KE Manager

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