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The data platform for management and strategy consulting firms

Meet your new competitive edge

Market research in real-time

Analyse trends in seconds and access market-leading intelligence daily—yes, really. Our in-depth data is curated by analysts and built to help you deliver expectation-exceeding advice.

Illustration of data trend summary on Beauhurst, showing the number of companies in the business services sector
Illustration of data trend summary, the top 10 funders by fundraising

Identify clients—and win them

Uncover new targets, no matter how specific your scope is. And use BeauhurstAdvise to understand their business, track records, key people, funding history and financials. So every approach is tailored, driven by accurate data. Who could say no?

Retain & grow your customers

Demonstrate expertise, cement credibility and ensure you’re always the most knowledgeable person in the room with our data. And because we send you alerts and let you monitor the market, you’ll never miss a thing.

An example of an alert notification for a fundraising event that can appear on the platform
An example UK company profile on Beauhurst showing timeline and financial summary

Enhance due diligence

Analyse track records, access financial filings and analyse companies on our platform—because our data compliments due diligence. We let you search across every UK private company to get the data you need to make decisions—fast. 

I've been using Beauhurst for seven-odd years now and brought them over to Puma from my previous company because I enjoy using the platform.
Henri Songeur
Investment Manager

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