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John McCrea,
 4 June 2024

Let’s be honest — finding the right companies to work with is a real challenge. Amidst all the noise, there’s only so far you can go with LinkedIn and Google.

So, to help our clients find those innovative companies developing unique products, we added the patent dataset to our data platform. Combined with our other Innovation Signals (including academic spinouts and innovation grant recipients), this data enables a powerful, yet simple, way to discover and understand those ambitious companies that may be commercialising a new product soon.

If you’re looking to uncover companies like this, access to our data will deliver the insights that you need to stay ahead.

Here’s how it works.

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What patent data offers Beauhurst clients

Our patent data brings several unique advantages, making the Beauhurst platform an even more powerful tool for users from every industry, from investment to knowledge exchange.

Patent data is valuable on its own, but when linked with the rest of our data, it’s a game-changer. You can combine Innovation Signals with our rich company dataset to zero-in on the companies that are the most relevant to you. In essence, it offers searching capabilities that you won’t have anywhere else.

Here are a handful of ways patent and IP data can enhance your experience on the platform.


A deepened understanding of innovation

Patent data provides a clear view of which companies are innovation leaders across their respective industries. 

So, whether you’re researching businesses in renewables, machine learning, or agritech — to name three of our hundreds of sectors — you can now track emerging trends and technological advancements with ease.

By comparing patent portfolios, you can assess a company’s innovation strategy and how well they’re protecting their intellectual property. You can also use the platform to cross-examine a company’s investment in R&D with the number of patents they have.

Identify investment opportunities

Investors can use Beauhurst patent data to identify promising companies and uncover new investment opportunities. After all, early-stage investment in companies that subsequently exit can yield some seriously promising returns.

Knowing which companies are filing patents can be a strong indicator of future growth and market potential. It also helps investors weigh up their options. In fact, research from the European Patent Office has revealed that startups with their own intellectual property are 10x more likely to successfully raise equity funding.

Strategic partnerships

Leveraging our comprehensive UK company dataset with patent data also brings about strategic business development opportunities.

For example, advisory firms, such as those in law, can use our platform to discover early-stage companies with signs of innovation and growth. Patent protection is inherently valuable to both parties in this situation, with the originator looking to protect their invention.

Likewise, if you’re an intellectual property consultant seeking to work with early-stage startups, knowledge of the entire patent landscape is important.

Impact reporting for local government 

Patents are strong indicators of innovation and potential job creation. As a result, local government can use this data to measure the impact of policies and economic development initiatives.

This also enables policymakers to identify which companies are driving technological advancements in their region or industry — and understand how they can support them to foster economic growth.

Technology transfer for universities 

Already, Universities are leveraging the our platform to help with their activities. With patents and IP data, universities’ TTOs (Technology Transfer Offices) identify companies that could be interested in licensing the use of the IP. Meanwhile, their team can also use Beauhurst to measure the direct impact of their patented technology on the UK economy.

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How to use Beauhurst’s patent and IP data

Identifying IP protection opportunities

Patent data can reveal crucial strategic requirements and IP preparedness.

For example, a cleantech company with zero patents might indicate that they require assistance in protecting their intellectual property, suggesting a potential gap in their innovation safeguarding strategy.

Similarly, a company that holds patents only in the UK might need support to file patents internationally, suggesting they are yet to expand their IP protection globally despite potential opportunities for broader market engagement.

We’ve produced a quick guide on how to find these types of companies on Beauhurst.

Assess a company’s international growth plans

Patent data can offer valuable insights into a company’s international expansion plans. For instance, patents filed in countries where the company currently has no operations may indicate plans to enter and establish a presence in those markets.

Likewise, if a company also files patents in new technological areas, it suggests that they may be diversifying their product portfolio and exploring new markets.

Here’s how to find companies like this on the Beauhurst platform.

Enhance your business intelligence by combining patent and IP data with our wider data on the UK company ecosystem. 

The examples we’ve outlined here are just a handful of ways to use the platform. For more information, reach out to our team for a tour of the platform.


To access the database, you need a subscription to a Beauhurst platform or to our API.

We’re happy to show you around the Beauhurst platform — just book a meeting with one of our experts who will talk to you about subscription options.

When a patent application is filed it is not immediately made public. There is typically an 18 month gap after filing when the patent application is kept private; this is the standard legal process and not unique to Beauhurst’s patent data.

The European Patent Office, which supplies this data, then takes a further 4-5 months to process patent data before making it available, and so patent data is typically available around 2 years after the initial filing.

If you have any questions or want to talk to us more about it, contact your Account Manager or Client Experience Manager.

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