We’ve been problem solvers
from the beginning

Our story

Co-founders Toby and Stephen first devised the idea for Beauhurst as consultants, tasked with finding potential investors for British companies. They became increasingly frustrated with the process and, whilst on the hunt for some quality structured data and an advanced tool to help them, they soon realised that no such thing existed.

So the duo set to work on building the solution. Since then, we’ve built the Beauhurst platform with high-quality and manually curated data at its core.

We’ve grown the Beauhurst team to over 100 ambitious individuals, opened offices in London and Nottingham, and massively advanced the state-of-the-art platform.

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Our founders

Toby Austin
CEO and Co-Founder

Toby has broad experience in building businesses, both advising others and creating and growing his own companies. As CEO he leads on Beauhurst’s strategic direction and development.

Stephen Bence
Chairman and Co-Founder

Stephen has a long background in consultancy and commercialisation, and is an expert in high-growth companies, strategy and law.

What’s it like working here?

Culture may just be the best thing about Beauhurst. You’d do well to find a warmer or more welcoming group of people, all of whom continually push themselves and each other to make things better.

We’re a very inclusive company, but you’ll fit in particularly well if you love the idea of building close relationships with your colleagues. You’ll always be up for a challenge, are thoughtful and considerate in your decision-making, and bring a drive and energy to everything you do.

Go check out our Culture Page to learn more about how we think about culture and what it’s like here.