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The data platform for
inward investment agencies

Get full visibility of a region—updated daily

Identify promising businesses or funds

Search across sectors and geographies. Zero in on companies or funds for partnership and collaboration opportunities. And boost economic development in your region.

Illustration showing the Beauhurst platform search tool
Map of the UK showing the data visualisation capabilities for local areas on Beauhurst

Track results

Identify success stories and regional strengths with ease. Find the organisations putting regions on the map, identify key trends and monitor results. Measure the impact of investments, both past and present.

Improve reporting

No more relying on outdated spreadsheets. Our data is always accurate—and always up to date—thanks to our approach. So you can download charts directly to feature in your reports.
Illustration search results showing the number of active companies in New Anglia and top business markets
An example UK company profile on the Beauhurst platform

Simplify screening

Save time checking on grant recipients and companies you’re looking to support or partner with. Easily understand their track records. To avoid scams, fraud and rule breaches.
I would say Beauhurst is a must-have. We may need to hire an extra team member if we didn't have access to the platform.
Jon Bass
Finance Specialist

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