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We source, extract and package data from thousands of locations to create the ultimate private UK company database. Whether you’re interested in early-stage startups or established companies, we’ve got you covered.

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Get up-to-date and enriched data with our one-click HubSpot integration and enjoy easy access to Beauhurst company data directly within your CRM.

Products and services

Choose from a subscription to a data platform, access our advisory services or plug Beauhurst data straight into your systems with our API.

For universities, councils and government bodies to access insights, create an impact and measure its success.

Arming investors and accelerators with the data needed to identify opportunities, analyse trends and build relationships.

Enabling those in financial, legal and professional services to source new clients and advise existing clientele.

For smart sales teams and recruitments specialists to find and win high-quality clients with data-backed insights.

Research & Consultancy

Use data beyond the platforms with the help of powerful data-driven research and bespoke advisory services.


Plug our data directly into your systems and stay up to date, automatically, with our API and integrations.

Unlock the power of ESG data

Want to track the green economy? Or find businesses innovating in sustainability? Or identify companies with diverse boards? Well, now you can. Combining our best-in-class UK company data with nine ESG signals, you can identify, monitor and capitalise on opportunities across the economy.

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