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The data platform for B2B business development and recruitment teams

Why leading sales teams already use our platform

Discover and understand your ideal clients, fast

Generate a workable list of leads in seconds using simple search criteria—including thousands that you won’t find elsewhere. Complete with profiles and contact details. It’s that easy.

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Timeline of key company events on the Beauhurst platform

The right approach, at the right time

Low-yield, high-effort cold outreach is so 2020. Use intent signals (like recent funding, news stories and new hires) to prioritise your list and tailor your approach. Increasing your conversion rates. 

Prepare for client-winning conversations

Find all the information you need to seal the deal with clients in one place, with comprehensive, beautifully structured company profiles (if we do say so ourselves).

Illustration of a UK company profile on the Beauhurst platform
Illustration of an alert on the Beauhurst platform after log in

Build relationships that will last

Get notified when clients hit a milestone. Read about recent news and events. Cement your credibility. Use our updates as a trigger to keep in touch and build relationships so strong you’ll want to put a ring on it.

Get deals over the line with BeauhurstSales features

Data on all UK companies

Find rich profiles of ambitious UK businesses and access information on every registered company in the UK

People data

Reach out to key decision-makers, using accurate contact details

Powerful search

Discover companies and people quickly and easily with powerful search tools

Trend analysis

Explore the latest trends in the sector, area or industry of your choice


Map the key people, directors and shareholders in the high-growth ecosystem

Plug and play

Our API lets you connect our data to your systems, keeping your company data up to date

Personalised Notifications

Keep track of prospects and opportunities with personalised alerts

Collaborative tools

Work efficiently with your team using our collaborative tools

Choose your industry

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