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Create a list of ideal prospects in seconds

Using our intuitive search tools, you can produce lists of relevant, high-quality potential clients in less time than it takes to make a coffee. And because we also have people data, you can find key contact details, too.

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A UK company profile on Beauhurst showing a timeline and the financial summary

Win with data

We know that not everyone appreciates cold approaches. Utilise the data on our platform—your connections, news, events, key stakeholders, and fundraisings—to prepare for client-winning conversations. And boost your chances of winning.

Delight and retain

The best clients are returning clients. Use our platform to track your clients and get notified when they hit significant milestones—from raising funds to personnel changes. We’ll make sure you’re always one step ahead, so you can build even better relationships.

Illustration of an alert showing on the Beauhurst platform
Illustration of the search results in the Media Sector on the Beauhurst platform

Keep your finger on the pulse

What happens in the market matters. Stay in the know with key market trends—and use these to find opportunities for sales. You can even use our market intelligence to create winning thought-leadership content to enhance your brand.

So far, we've grown our client base by 230% using Beauhurst—which is absolutely brilliant.
Pete Rowe

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