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Lily Ruaah, 13 february 2024

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Gone are the days when Sales meant fishing in your local pond—finding your customers by going door-to-door around the neighbourhood. Now, if you want to sell to bigger fish, you need access to good-quality prospect data.

But the market is saturated with data companies and tools to supply your sales team with data and, ultimately, leads. Hot leads, cold leads, warm leads—what’s vital is whether or not your leads convert. So, how can you find prospect data that will actually result in sales?

It comes down to having access to more than a list of phone numbers. It’s not even about having the correct contact information for a decision-maker. It’s about marrying those contact details with company data so you can get a full picture of the opportunities available.


TAM is your Total Addressable Market; that’s everyone you could sell to—and there are different methods of working this out depending on your business. Your ICP or Ideal Client Profile is your perfect customer. Your Goldilocks. They’re just right.

Identifying your ICP helps you focus your sales efforts on leads more likely to convert. But first, you need to work out where, and how, to find that person.

There are two elements to this:

Company data

Company data is all the information about a company that’s publically available, such as:

Finding a company you want to approach is far easier than finding the right person to sell to. Beyond helping you pinpoint your ICP, company data allows you to have a more complete picture of what’s going on at a company and whether or not that key decision maker you’ve identified is in the right place to buy.

Contact data

Contact data is useable contact information about a person, such as:

There are plenty of popular contact data tools out there. While having accurate contact information is an essential part of selling (how could you contact anyone otherwise?), it doesn’t indicate their readiness or fit according to your ICP. Enter: company data.

It’s clear. To get the most out of your sales team, you need to have both—contact data and company data.

Get company data fast

Discover how BeauhurstSales can level up your sales game.

How Beauhurst company data fits into the traditional sales workflow

Beauhurst is an essential part of any sales workflow.We demonstrate how you can use company data to maximise your potential.

Mapping your TAM

Beauhurst gives you a comprehensive overview of all the possible companies you could target. By determining which companies are active in the UK, and in the sectors you’re focusing on, you can grasp how big your market is.

Identifying your ICP

There are three elements to an effective ICP:

Account criteria are company data such as sector, stage of evolution, budget, headcount, and location. This information can ensure you’re fishing in the right pools to find clients.

Persona criteria are more specific, and ensure you’re going after the right fish. Details such as job title, seniority, department, how long they’ve been with the company, and champion material can all help you decide if they’re a decision maker or not.

Timing criteria refer to what’s currently going on with that company— the hook or bait on the end of the line. Timing can come down to:

You need to use all three of these criteria to find, and reach out to, your ideal customer.

Finding clients

Once you’ve nailed down your ICP, you can use the Beauhurst platform to build lists and map territories. It can also help you explore new territories, as it provides detailed information on companies outside of your usual scope, expanding your potential market.

To search for UK companies effectively, use our Advanced Search. This allows you to filter companies based on specific criteria matching your ICP, such as sector, size, location, and growth stage. Utilising targeted searches ensures you’re always in touch with relevant prospects.

What’s the Best Way to Do a UK Company Search?

Learn how to find the right companies for you. A high-quality UK company search platform should give you big-picture information and the fine details you need to make informed decisions.

Contact enrichment

This is the stage where you bring your company and contact data together. Beauhurst supplies you with the companies that fit your ICP criteria, and now you can use that information to retrieve contact data for those key decision makers.

Using networks

Our Networks option lets you reach even more people. If you’ve added the feature, you can delve deeper into the profiles of individuals associated with companies that catch your interest. This tool is particularly useful to help you with warm intros, or for pinpointing the ideal contact person.

Integrate your existing LinkedIn contacts into Beauhurst—this allows the system to recognise if you already have a connection at a specific company.

Monitoring leads

After finding companies that interest you, the Beauhurst platform offers features to help you maintain a record of your interest. These tools will notify you about significant developments or events related to that company. That means you can keep track of your leads, and know when the best time to reach out to them is.

The best way to monitor your leads is to add them to a Collection. Our Collections allow users to set up alerts for company changes triggering automatic notifications—no need to spend valuable time keeping track of companies.

If you’re a Beauhurst customer, and want to find out more on how to use collections, speak to your account manager.

Personalised outreach

According to Oberlo, the number of emails received and sent per day will rise by 4.1% in 2024, up to a staggering 361.6b. That means you need to make your emails stand out, and if you’ve ever received a sales email, you’ll know how significant personalised outreach is. No one wants to read a sales pitch.

Beauhurst gives you access to company data you can’t find anywhere else—using this information as a jumping-off point, you can write emails or messages that will really resonate with your prospects.

Lead nurturing

You might call this lead nurturing, sequencing, or multiple outreach (the list goes on)—this is when a prospect needs more exposure to your brand to drive a sale.

According to a study by Demand Gen Report, nurtured leads result in a 20% rise in sales opportunities compared to unnurtured leads. Effective lead nurturing involves predicting the needs of potential buyers by understanding their profile characteristics, like job title, role, industry, etc., and recognising their stage in the purchasing journey—this is why data plays a pivotal role in this part of the sales process.

Typically, this will involve reaching out on several platforms: email, LinkedIn, phone, etc (even voice notes).

Closing the deal

Once you have engaged the lead effectively through personalised outreach and nurturing, the next step is closing the deal. This involves understanding your prospect’s needs thoroughly and presenting your solution as the best fit for those pain points. Effective communication and demonstrating value are key at this stage—and Beauhurst can equip you with the right data to do that.

Customer retention and upselling

Beauhurst lets you keep track of your clients, and their companies, so you can see if anything changes. This continued monitoring allows you to identify opportunities for upselling or addressing new needs that arise.

Maintaining a strong relationship post-sale is crucial for customer retention. By staying informed about your clients’ evolving needs and company developments, you can proactively offer solutions and strengthen your partnership.


At Beauhurst, our comprehensive platform aids every step of the sales process, from choosing which ponds to look in, to making sure you’re going after the right fish, to working out the tastiest bait to put on the hook. Our holistic approach ensures you are not only acquiring new clients but also retaining, and growing your existing client base.

If you’d like to find out more, one of our team is always available, or you can book a demo today.

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