our data

From financials to fundraisings, employee data to patents—we offer a complete picture of every private UK company.

Our data’s in a league of its own

Others just scrape data—we curate it. Yes, we use machine learning models and data extraction tools. But we also believe in the human touch. Our team of 60+ data analysts and developers work alongside our tech to create the ultimate private UK company data source.

Illustration of three circles filled with data points above a laptop showing the Beauhurst platform

Data from everywhere

Data can be daunting—but it doesn’t have to be. We gather data from everywhere from HMRC to news outlets, Companies House to our exclusive data partnerships. We collect it, clean it and extract the data you want. To create the ultimate source. 

Data on everything

Discover data on every UK private company. On start-ups. On scale-ups. On fundraising (even the unannounced ones). Trade data. People data. Location data. Deal-winning intelligence. And we’re always adding more.

Quantity and quality

With our data, you really can have both. It’s detailed and wide-ranging—covering 5m companies. Our not-so-secret weapon, our 60+ strong data team, is always on-hand to curate, create and answer queries. So the data is the best quality it can be, at scale.

The result? It looks a lot like this…

Data from

Companies House


Patent Office



Company-owned websites 

Curator-derived private data 

Social media 

Granting bodies 




5m+ profiles

on active UK companies

Not to mention

Trade data 

Patent data 

Hiring status 

Shareholder data


Financial statements


People data 

Contact details 

Deal data 




Tech stacks 





Here's how you can access our data

1. Through a platform subscription

2. Use our API to connect to your systems

Plug our data straight into your own systems and stay up to date, automatically, with our API.

3. Our Research & Consultancy team

Use data beyond the platforms with the help of powerful data driven research and bespoke advisory services.