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The data platform for
national governmental departments

Get a complete view of the UK’s innovation landscape

Identify and track innovative businesses

Discover the companies conducting pioneering research and building the next generation of innovative businesses in each sector and geography. Find the ones you want to partner with. All one easy-to-use data platform.

Illustration showing the Beauhurst platform search tool
Illustration of search results for the top clean energy generation sector on Beauhurst

Spot emerging sectors and patterns

Uncover key trends across locations, sectors and transaction types. With accurate, up-to-the-minute data. No more relying on outdated spreadsheets.

Boost collaboration

Having a common data language changes the game—when everyone’s singing from the same hymn sheet, everything gets easier. Work better across departments, spot opportunities, refer companies between teams, and have better visibility across partnerships.

Illustration of data trends for top 10 funders by fundraisings on the Beauhurst platform
Illustration of the search results that can be downloaded from the Beauhurst platform

Build robust reports

Analyse market trends. Track their evolution. Conduct deep data analysis. Then use these insights to form policy, measure its impact and provide practical business support.

Every experience I’ve had with Beauhurst has been positive. Any time I need something it gets done well and it gets done quickly.
Richard Cull Thomas
Deputy CEO & COO

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