Product updates

At Beauhurst HQ, we’re constantly making improvements to our data platforms. Whether that’s dropping new datasets, integrations, or making improvements to how you can use the platform itself, there’s always something new on the horizon. Here’s a snapshot of our recent updates.

Enhanced Quick Search for Effortless Navigation

Effortlessly find over 1.15 million UK companies with our improved quick search. Instantly access company profiles from their websites by copying and pasting URLs. Specify the type of search—company, fund, or people—for more relevant results.

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Revamped PDF Designs for Clearer Insights

Discover our revamped PDFs with a cleaner display, improved organisation, and new links to platform information. Dive into detailed data on industries, financials, transactions, corporate structures, and comprehensive people data, enhancing your data-sharing experience.

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Understand the Economy with New Industry Classification

Explore Beauhurst’s new industry classification system, covering 4.6 million UK companies across 225 industries. This modern system provides detailed insights and multiple industry tags per company, enhancing your ability to discover and understand opportunities in every sector.

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Introducing Risk Signals for Better Insights

Enhance your financial and reputational risk management with our new Risk signals. Integrated across search, company profiles, and exports, these signals provide a simplified view of critical company conditions, complementing Growth, Innovation, and ESG signals.

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Seamlessly Share Pages with Direct Email

Effortlessly share any page on Beauhurst with colleagues in your subscription network using direct email. This new feature enhances collaboration and streamlines communication by allowing you to send entity pages instantly, complete with personalised notes.

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Enhanced Fund Tear Sheet for In-Depth Analysis

Explore our updated fund tear sheets featuring a streamlined design, expanded stats, live links, and detailed fund portfolio information. Identify frequent co-investors and navigate fund data effortlessly to support your investment decisions.

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Optimise Patent Searches with New Filters

Refine your patent searches with enhanced filters by filing date and total number of patents. Identify companies early in their patent journey or those with extensive portfolios. Streamline your search for firms needing intellectual property support, whether they are startups or established entities.

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