Product updates

At Beauhurst HQ, we’re constantly making improvements to our data platforms. Whether that’s dropping new datasets, integrations, or making improvements to how you can use the platform itself, there’s always something new on the horizon. Here’s a snapshot of our recent updates.

Revamped PDF Designs for Clearer Insights

Discover our revamped PDFs with a cleaner display, improved organisation, and new links to platform information. Dive into detailed data on industries, financials, transactions, corporate structures, and comprehensive people data, enhancing your data-sharing experience.

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Understand the Economy with New Industry Classification

Explore Beauhurst’s new industry classification system, covering 4.6 million UK companies across 225 industries. This modern system provides detailed insights and multiple industry tags per company, enhancing your ability to discover and understand opportunities in every sector.

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Introducing Risk Signals for Better Insights

Enhance your financial and reputational risk management with our new Risk signals. Integrated across search, company profiles, and exports, these signals provide a simplified view of critical company conditions, complementing Growth, Innovation, and ESG signals.

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Supercharge Your Searches with Enhanced Descriptions

Access nearly a million enriched company descriptions for better lead validation and visibility. These detailed descriptions appear directly on summary pages and advanced search results, streamlining your discovery process and enhancing decision-making.

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Unlock Insights with ESG, Innovation, and Growth Signals

Discover companies quickly with new Growth, Innovation, and ESG signals. Identify high-growth firms, innovative companies with patents or R&D grants, and businesses excelling in environmental, social, and governance practices. These signals simplify data, helping you find relevant opportunities faster.

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Uncover Comprehensive Lending Histories with New Data

Access detailed data on over 3.3 million charges across 800,000 UK companies. Discover new debt acquisitions, repayment statuses, lenders, and collateral details to gain a full picture of a company’s borrowing history. Utilise this information to identify ideal leads and build targeted strategies.

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Discover the UK’s Digital Infrastructure with New Data

Explore detailed information on the web technologies used by over 500,000 UK companies, including web analytics, payment gateways, and cloud services. This expanded dataset helps identify potential clients, match candidates with specific tech skills, and gain insights into companies’ digital strategies.

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Track Active Hiring with Expanded Company Data

Discover over 31,000 companies actively hiring, with doubled coverage in our database. This update helps you find clients needing recruitment services, approach businesses with deeper insights, and gauge company health. Included in the All Company Data add-on, this enhancement seamlessly integrates with your existing searches.

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