Rich business data, right where you need it

Plug Beauhurst data directly into your systems, seamlessly

Beauhurst x HubSpot

Seamlessly integrate our company data into HubSpot

Automatically update, enhance, and even add new company data to your HubSpot CRM thanks to our plug-and-play HubSpot integration.


What can you use the API for?

Our API covers the key data for companies, news, people and transactions—and it’s available as soon as it’s published on our data platform. 

Enrich your data

Automatically enhance and update your data—for everything from CRMs to data warehouses.

Build your own analysis

Supercharge your machine learning models and visualisations.


Whether you want to qualify customers in real-time or personalise their experiences, do it with our API.

Boost your reporting

Strengthen the power of your reporting by using our API for dashboards.

Getting started

Platform bundle

Many of our customers take a hybrid approach—their employees directly access data via our platform, while powering their internal systems via our API. 

Contact your account manager or our sales team to learn more about how it works. 


You can also display our data to employees throughout your organisation, without a subscription.

We can talk you through how this works—just get in touch below.


Beauhurst has played a key part in helping us to augment our CRM and have a single source of truth, discovering companies and fundraisers that would have otherwise gone under our radar.