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Impact reporting

Monitor your cohort on the BeauhurstInvest platform to keep tabs on their progress—so you never miss a thing. Just create a Collection within the platform, and you’ll be alerted to any changes or events.

An example of an alert notification for a fundraising event that can appear on the platform
Illustration showing the Beauhurst platform search tool

Identify high-potential businesses and people

Seeking participants? Well, look no further. Use BeauhurstInvest to search across sectors and geographies and zero in on companies at the right stage for your programme. And find individuals to join events, mentorships and partnerships.

Track trends

Build accelerator programmes on solid foundations with access to data on every private UK company. Spot and analyse market, sector and location trends to inform programme strategies and content.

Illustration of data trends for companies in the UK banking sector on Beauhurst
Illustration of a UK company profile on the Beauhurst database

Simplify screening

Save time screening inbound leads and undertake due diligence on potential programme participants in just a few clicks. We make understanding companies and key people simple—so you can quickly access track records and avoid missteps.

Beauhurst saves so much time—it means that we can bring on new people and really quickly teach them our standardised process of checking companies. It streamlines everything.
Henri Songeur
Investment Manager

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