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How to Export and Share Beauhurst Data

Boost collaboration across your team with enhanced data-sharing options

 2 July 2024

Gathering key data, and getting it to the right people at the right time, is essential for organisations, regardless of their role in the economy. Especially the ambitious businesses that subscribe to our data platform for insights and information that can’t be found elsewhere.

That’s why we’ve created simple ways for you to share the data that’s found on all of our Beauhurst platforms with other subscribers — and even with those who don’t have an active subscription.

So, whether you’re researching complex corporate structures or fund activity in your sector — or anything in between — you can export Beauhurst data to share with decision makers, key stakeholders, and other interested parties.

Tear sheets designed for sharing

To make collaboration and information sharing easier, any page from the Beauhurst platform can be shared with your fellow subscribers. For more detail on how to do this, scroll down and read on.

For when you need to share Beauhurst data outside of your subscribing organisation, you can export company profiles and fund profiles (also called ‘tear sheets’) into PDFs.

What is a tear sheet?

Used primarily in finance and investment, a tear sheet is a document that summarises key information about individual companies or funds. The concise nature of a tear sheet aids quick decision-making and keeps the focus on the data at hand.

Everything included in Beauhurst tear sheets

Company data points

Fund data points

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How to start sharing our data

Exporting company and fund profiles from the platform is straightforward — just download a PDF, export a company’s financial figures via a CSV, or if you’re sharing with another Beauhurst subscriber, simply share a link to the page.

All our tear sheets are designed for sharing critical information, quickly and easily, with whoever needs it.

Beauhurst Share Function

Simply navigate to your chosen company or fund page. In the top-right-hand corner of company pages, there are up to three options for sharing (PDF, CSV, and URL).

Send a link

This is ideal for quickly sharing company pages with other subscribers. You can also use the share button to email company pages to existing subscribers in your company.

Beauhurst share via URL

Export a PDF

Our tear sheets are print-ready downloadable PDF documents, designed to deliver a snapshot of a company’s activity, from corporate structure to financial activity such as fundraisings and grants. This can then be shared with anyone who needs to see it.

And with linked headings in the margins, we’ve also designed the PDF to be intuitive and user-friendly for digital users.

Beauhurst PDF export

Download a CSV

Exporting data to a CSV is a customisable way of sharing key company data — great for business development teams, wealth managers, and knowledge exchange teams, amongst others.

You can select specific datasets (as seen in the image below) based on your needs. And share with anyone — even people without a Beauhurst subscription.

What this means for you

Enhanced collaboration

Being able to quickly and easily share Beauhurst data means a better flow of information and more effective collaboration.

Whether you’re sharing a company profile with a colleague or client, or you’re performing deeper research into funds, we’re making it easier to share data in a friction-free way — irrespective of whether they have an active subscription.

Better decision-making

Decisions are only as good as the data they’re based on — that’s why getting concise information in front of decision makers is key. The focused view offered by tear sheets reduces information overload and eliminates unnecessary noise.

This makes it easier to identify key trends and insights, leading to more effective decision-making.

Offline sharing

Sometimes, you just want a print out version. Whether it’s to deliver an overview of the salient points to a decision maker, or passing a copy to a partner on the way to an important meeting, all our tear sheets are designed with print in mind.

Actionable intel, at scale

Many of our clients rely on complex datasets that aren’t straightforward to compile. For example, we all know that Companies House data isn’t presented in the clearest manner, making hard work of research.

Downloading this data from Beauhurst instead, makes it both accessible and actionable.

Data sharing in action

The uses of shared data are infinite. We do, however, see common themes amongst some of our clients. For inspiration from how other teams use and share our data, check out these examples.

Law firms: understanding corporate structures

It goes without saying that partners at law firms are pressed for time. So, to make their lives easier, they can use an exported company profile to quickly view its corporate structures in a simple view. This saves significant time spent on LinkedIn and Companies House, piecing together a business’s structure.

This streamlined process ensures partners receive comprehensive, up-to-date information without the hassle of extensive research. Perfect for a briefing in the taxi on the way to a meeting.

Equity fundraising research

Exporting a PDF on specific funds gives your team a comprehensive view of the need-to-know information. This includes their entire investment portfolio and also eligibility requirements — which is especially relevant if you’re a corporate finance firm seeking potential investors for your clients.

Meanwhile, our fund tear sheets also include frequent co-investors, helping inform whether that particular fund would be relevant to your business.

Competitor research

Competitor research is highly relevant to every business, regardless of company size or sector. And whilst the Beauhurst platform itself is ideal for competitor research, sometimes a printable and shareable PDF of this data is preferred.

This gives you everything you need on a rival company, focused in one place.

This is the tip of the iceberg of helpful data features. Check out the other articles in our series including how to spot risk signals, calculate a company’s GVA, and finding companies excelling in ESG.

And if you’d like to see Beauhurst in action, book a slot with our team and we’ll demo the platform with you.


Downloadable tear sheets are concise, printable PDFs or shareable links containing key information about a company or fund. These sheets provide a streamlined summary that can be easily shared with others.

1) Subscribers who need to share Beauhurst data with other subscribers.

2) Decision-makers who require salient information quickly.

3) Anyone needing to utilise the information outside the platform for broader sharing.

You can download a tear sheet directly from the company or fund page on the Beauhurst platform by selecting the ‘PDF’ option.

1) Efficiency: Quickly access and share key data without sifting through extensive information.

2) Clarity: Provides a clear, concise summary for easy understanding.

3) Versatility: Useful for internal sharing, client presentations, or just getting a quick and comprehensive understanding of a company.

Yes, tear sheets are generated based on the most current data available on the Beauhurst platform, ensuring you always have up-to-date information.

The PDFs are static however, so you will need to re-download it to get the latest data.

No. The ability to download and share tear sheets is included with your Beauhurst subscription.

If you’re not already a subscriber but want to know more, you can get in touch here.

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