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Product update: The Explore feature


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Beauhurst’s Advanced Search tool is a great way to find companies and understand markets with a set of specific criteria. But sometimes you may not have such defined parameters, so we wanted to build a tool that helps you understand markets at a glance, even when you’re not sure what you’re looking for or aren’t looking for anything in particular.  

So we’ve released the very aptly named Explore feature. This allows you to browse through loads of new stats and graphs, grouped by topics like fundraisings, grants and people. You can break down the companies you’re looking at by sector, buzzwords, location and stage of evolution.

Use the Explore feature when...

  • You don’t have time to do an elaborate data export and want to do some top level analysis
  • You’re looking for a general overview and easy comparison of markets and regions
  • You want to find interesting trends but aren’t sure where to start

How to use the Explore feature

You’ll be able to find the Explore page in the ‘Search’ drop down menu. 

Beauhurst explore page in drop down menu

Select a theme from Sectors, Buzzwords, Location or Stage of Evolution. 

Beauhurst Explore Companies theme

Then explore the companies in that theme by topic.

Beauhurst explore companies topics

Want to dive deeper? Load the companies into Advanced Search and add more criteria.

Beauhurst explore companies advanced search

How to access it?

This feature will go live to all subscribers in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a training session, please get in touch with your account manager on 020 3422 8150

If you don’t currently hold a Beauhurst subscription, but want to find out more about how our platform can help your team, click ere

Anthony Hobday

Anthony leads Beauhurst's Product team, working to make our platform as easy to use as possible. With a background in UX design, he tries to understand the needs of Beauhurst users, and the design changes that will meet them.