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Beauhurst for business development

Hannah Skingle

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Target exciting companies that are primed to grow

We use eight criteria to identify high-growth and ambitious companies. Each of these are a sign of external validation that a business is either actively growing or creating ambitious growth plans.

For each of the 30,000 + companies in our database, we build a detailed profile with over 450 data points, including their transactions, financials and key people.

All of these data points are searchable, allowing you to hone in on the companies that fit your target market.

Beauhurst has eight tracking triggers

Identify great leads

Our Advanced Search tool allows you to find any high-growth company in the UK. Use the criteria that are most important to you, from location and sectors and amount raised, to changes in financials and employee count. Be as specific or wide-arching as you like.

Set time-based criteria, such as ‘has raised £X amount in the last 3 months’, to find companies that will be implementing  new capital and expanding their operations.

Tech companies in the South East that have raised over £2m in the last 3 months

Stay ahead of the curve

Set up a Collection to easily monitor the resulting list of companies. You’ll receive email updates when there are any new developments, from fundraising events to new appointments or expansions. We’ll also alert you when new companies meet the search criteria.

Beauhurst Collections feature helps you keep track of companies you care about

These alerts help you stay up to date with your leads and make a ‘warm approach’ when the time is right.

Select when to receive these alerts so they can best fit into your workflow.

Better understand your leads

Get to grips with a company through their comprehensive profile. Better understand how the team has grown and all of the recent developments in the business. Review financials, corporate structure, people and filing history to undertake initial due diligence prior to making contact.

Oxford Nanopore company profile on the Beauhurst platform

Win fast growing clients

Use the key people information on a company’s profile to identify the most appropriate individual to approach. 

Make contact via verified email addresses, phone numbers or Linkedin profiles.

Join hundreds of leading organisations

Our data helps teams across dozens of industries fund and connect with the fastest-growing companies in the UK, from seed-stage startups to growth-stage scaleups.

Discover the UK's most innovative companies.

Get access to unrivalled data on all the businesses you need to know about, so you can approach the right leads, at the right time.

Book a 40 minute demo to see all the key features of the Beauhurst platform, plus the depth and breadth of data available.

An associate will work with you to build a sophisticated search, returning a dynamic list of organisations matching your ideal client.