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Find your competitive edge with Beauhurst collection alerts


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Imagine if:

  • One of your clients was in financial difficulty
  • A prospect just received a large round of funding
  • A company was looking for your services
  • Your competitor just launched a new product


Wouldn’t you want to be the first to know about it? These are key pieces of information that can mean the difference between landing a pivotal deal and losing out to the competition.

With Collection alerts, you’ll be alerted as soon as a company in your Collection does anything strategically relevant to your business—and the type of alerts you receive can be tailored to you individually. Events could include transactions, such as completing a fundraising round (including those that go unannounced), structural changes to senior management, changes to financial status, changes to stage of evolution, and any appearances in the news.


What are Collections?

Collections are tailored lists of companies or individuals that are important to you and your business. These lists can auto-populate according to your specific search criteria, and keep you abreast of any relevant business activity—whether it’s completing a round of fundraising, attending an accelerator or appearing in the news.


Find new opportunities

By actively monitoring new opportunities using Collections, you have first-mover advantage on some of the most ambitious companies in the country. Whether you’re an investor looking for new opportunities or a recruitment firm securing new clients, you can hone in on the prospects most relevant to your business, and most likely to convert.


Keep your finger on the pulse

However, Collections aren’t just for finding new leads—they can also be an invaluable tool in tracking the companies already known to you, and understanding the wider business landscape.

Maybe you’re a sector-specific fund looking for general market intelligence, and want to be notified of developments in your area of interest; you could be a strategist seeking to monitor the competition or, closer to home, an account manager or investor hoping to monitor your portfolio of clients; no matter your intent, you can use Collections to stay abreast of any key updates to their activities, keeping your clients close, and your competitors closer.


Hone in on the companies that matter

Whether you’re looking for a new lead or deal, or simply exploring the wider high-growth ecosystem, it all starts with our powerful Advanced Search feature.

Users can search across hundreds of variables including our own sector matrix, buzzwords, and companies’ stages of evolution to identify promising leads. You can even filter companies that haven’t received funding recently, to identify those that will be on the lookout for their next round – or, depending on your strategic goals, target companies who have just raised and have money to spend.

At Beauhurst we track every fundraising, including the nearly 70% that go unannounced, meaning you’ll be searching across one of the most comprehensive datasets in the UK, and find companies your competitors don’t know about.


Save everything in one place

Once you’ve completed your search, you can save the list of companies to a Collection. Set the Collection to auto-add, and you’ll receive an alert whenever a new company meets your search criteria. You can also create a custom flagging system to keep track of your progress with these companies, e.g. whether or not you’ve reached out to them.

Tailor your alerts

One of the key benefits of Collections is being the first to know about interesting developments. Collection email alerts inform you of new additions to your Collections, as well as keeping you up-to-date with the latest transactions and news involving your companies and people of interest.

You can choose when to receive alerts—every day, once a week, or specific days to suit your schedule.

You also have the power to choose which events will trigger an alert, so you only stay informed of events that matter to you.

If you’re a Beauhurst user, you can visit where you’ll be taken to your list of saved Collections. Select the Collection you want to edit and click on the ‘Settings’ tab. From there, you’ll be able to choose which days you receive email alerts, and for which events.

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