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How do recruitment firms use Beauhurst to secure new clients?


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The traditional recruitment model is under threat. Tech solutions and software are making recruitment firms work harder to find and retain their clients, who themselves are less loyal to single agencies than ever before. What’s more, according to Bullhorn, recruiters themselves are concerned about the future growth of their industry, with over a third of practitioners saying so in a recent survey. 

When it comes to their clients, larger organisations are increasingly under threat from younger and more nimble companies, who are looking to grow rapidly, often on the back of significant investment.

Finding the perfect client – at the right time

We’re finding that recruiters are increasingly using Beauhurst to secure high-growth clients at the “right” stage, and give them the tools and information to make an informed and knowledgable approach. By looking at the companies we track, we can identify ambitious businesses that are actively looking to hire – on the back of a fresh funding round, grant or expansion initiative.

By actively monitoring and approaching these companies using Beauhurst, recruitment firms can form relationships with highly-promising early stage businesses and entrepreneurs, giving them first mover advantage on some of the most ambitious companies in the country – before the competition.

Beauhurst’s advanced search feature makes it incredibly easy to narrow down the market and identify promising leads. 

The search above will show high-growth tech companies in London or Manchester, that have recently raised funds to increase their employee count. Beauhurst lets you narrow down on your sector of expertise, and also search across companies who have only received unannounced fundraisings, and are therefore out of the public eye. 

Work with the organisations behind the businesses

Many businesses we track depend on other organisations to fuel their growth. From investors to accelerators, universities to major corporates, Beauhurst helps you find and approach these organisations with information to support you. And building a relationship with these organisations can lead to becoming a trusted partner to other companies in a funder’s portfolio.

Keep track of your targets

Once you’ve completed your search, add the resulting companies to a Collection. This will help you keep up to date with the companies over time, as every relevant news article or development will trigger an email alert straight to your inbox. 

Set the Collection to automatically update, and you’ll receive an alert when a new company meets the criteria. Create a custom flagging system to keep  track of your progress with these companies.

The Collections feature can also help you with longer term wins. Track up-and-coming startups within your focus sector in an earlier stage of evolution. Email alerts will notify you when they secure any funding. This can then be used as a trigger to approach.

Approach leads with confidence

When you’re ready to approach a company, check the company’s people table to identify the most appropriate person to approach, whether that be Head of People, Talent Acquisition, or Ops. Verified email addresses and Linkedin search means you can make direct and personalised contact, to give you the best chance of winning a client.

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