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How To Better Prioritise Your Sales Leads With Beauhurst

Lucy Wilson

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Good lead prioritisation could be the difference between winning and losing a deal. But say you’ve got a list of new leads, how do you know which ones to approach and when? An important part of any successful sales strategy is determining which leads are most relevant to your value proposition as a business. And if you don’t figure this out early on, you’ll end up wasting time chasing people that will never buy your product or service. Meanwhile, your competitors will have swooped in and won over your best leads, before you’ve even had a chance to pitch. 

The Beauhurst platform collects data on 32k+ companies in the UK that have met one or more of our growth triggers, from early-stage startups to market-leading businesses with thousands of employees. Its powerful search and detailed company profiles mean you can discover, track, and better understand these businesses, helping you win more high-growth clients. 

Last year, we added the Upload Contacts feature to the platform for our Networks subscribers. So now, Beauhurst doesn’t just help you source and track new leads for outbound sales, it also enables you to prioritise your inbound leads and existing lead lists. This way, you can focus on your highest-value opportunities—fast-growing companies that match your ideal client profile—and make sure you’re approaching them at the right time. 

Here’s how it works… 

First, take your existing lead list, and simply upload it to the Beauhurst platform. This could be a spreadsheet, a simple list of names and email addresses, or an export from LinkedIn, Gmail or your CRM system. Beauhurst will then auto-match your contacts with those in senior positions at high-growth UK companies. Enriching your lead list with our data will save you valuable time on research and enable you to better understand prospective clients. 

'My Network' page on the Beauhurst platform, with 'People You Know' and 'Suggested Connections', plus options to upload contacts

Alternatively, if you just have a list of target organisations, you can upload them to a Collection. The platform will automatically match up our data with company names, Companies House IDs, or company websites for any Beauhurst-tracked businesses. And this feature is available to all of our subscribers, not just those with the Networks add-on.

'Add companies to this collection' page on the Beauhurst platform

Once your leads have been uploaded, you can start using Beauhurst to work out which ones you should approach first. You may want to focus on businesses that are expanding during the pandemic, for instance, or those that have recently secured new funding, so you know they have budget and may be looking to upgrade their current systems or processes. With Beauhurst, it’s easy to pinpoint these companies and those matching your ideal client, with comprehensive data on sectors, target markets, stage of evolution, company financials, and much more. 

Custom flagging system on the Beauhurst platform, with three selected and an option to add more or edit their labels. Green: 'Contacted', Red: 'High-priority', Yellow: 'Revisit at a later date'

You can easily keep track of selected businesses and contacts by adding them to a Collection, monitoring their progress and setting up a custom flagging system to mark which ones should be your highest priority. 

You can even opt in to email alerts, informing you of any recent activity, such as news mentions, innovation grants, or a fresh round of funding. This way, you can be sure you’re reaching out to leads as soon as they become a priority, and before your competitors catch on to these developments.

Recent Activity in Collection: new fundraising, news mention, and employee count change for three high-growth companies

Want to take an ever closer look at your high-value leads? Our granular export tool allows you to pick out key information for offline analysis, so you and your team can focus your time and efforts on customer interactions instead. Even more powerful is our Companies API, which can automatically populate almost any CRM system with the latest data on every Beauhurst-tracked company.

It’s as simple as that. Instead of wasting time on long lead lists of unknown quality, the Beauhurst platform enables you to approach the right companies, at the right time. Book a demo today to see how Beauhurst can help you.

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