Explore the people behind the UK's most exciting businesses

Networks maps together key people (founders and C-Suite), directors and shareholders in the high-growth ecosystem. Whether you want to find warm introductions, make some quick wins via your existing connections, or draw on the networks of people you trust—we’ve got you covered.

It draws on data from Companies House, and is enhanced by information from company websites, social media, and press releases.

Identify influential people in high-growth

Search for serial tech entrepreneurs, active angel investors, or pioneering female founders, for example, then click onto their profiles and see details on their involvement in the high-growth ecosystem.

For example, show me female angel investors that have at least 10 active shareholdings.

Research their involvement

Once you identify a person of interest, you can click through to them and see their involvement—that they are a director at three companies, shareholder of five, and founder of a business that has exited, for example.

Explore their Network graph to find out who they know through the companies or funds they’re involved with.

Find companies based on their stakeholders

Networks makes it possible to find companies based on the activity and experience of their founders, execs, shareholders and directors.

For example, show me companies with a director who has previously exited a business, or with an all-female founding team.

Utilise your Network

Capitalise on your existing relationships to network towards top entrepreneurs, investors, C-suite execs, directors and shareholders.

Bring your own relationship ecosystem onto Beauhurst by marking the people you know, and the My Network feature will flag 2nd degree connections, opening the door to genuine, warm introductions.

Explore aggregate gender and age stats

As well as conducting people searches, you can access people data via company searches. Once you’ve narrowed down a list of companies you can see aggregate age and gender statistics of the people behind them. 

For example, view the age of company directors, and how this has changed over time as young talent has entered the market.

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