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every ambitious company

We cover all the companies you need to know about, from angel-backed startups and accelerator participants, to mature scale-ups and growth companies.

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Access profiles filled with key information from office locations and key contacts, to our proprietary sector and company lifecycle classifications.

all the latest developments

We pick up on all major news ­— from key hires and press coverage to financial transactions. And you’ll never miss a deal, with comprehensive data on under-the-radar investments. Our Data team verify all our data to ensure accuracy.

But we don’t stop at companies. See every player in the high-growth space.

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Fund profiles and portfolios

See every funder behind the UK’s high-growth companies: from venture capital to crowdfunders. Explore their portfolios and frequent co-investors.

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Every accelerator

Browse profiles on every accelerator and their alumni. See detailed statistics on each and compare programmes across the country.

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the innovators

With data on the most active universities, their spin-outs and grant projects, you can stay up to date with the latest innovation.

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Advanced search

Find any company, investor or transaction instantly, filtering by hundreds of variables and conditions. Make sense of the data with instant trends, key stats and visualisations for any search you perform.

Specialist funding tools

We use our data-matching technology to help you find the right funders for your client in seconds. As always, export any data points you need to PDF or CSV format for further analysis.​

Customisable collections

Create saveable groups of companies based on your search criteria that automatically update as we discover new businesses. Get alerts sent to your inbox, as soon as new data is added.

Explore our range of add-ons.Have everything you need in one place.

All company data

Search over and view profiles for every
registered company in the UK.

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Our team can help with anything from bulk exports to custom research and thought leadership.

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Find the people behind the UK’s fastest-growing companies, and explore their connections.

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