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How You Can Enrich Your CRM Data to Win More Sales


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Developing an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system requires finding good quality data. Without it, you’ll miss out on potential leads, waste time digging around for the right details, execute marketing campaigns poorly and risk not hitting your customer retention targets.

But  quality data and streamlined data entry would allow you to focus your efforts on securing more leads, finding the right talking points for client interactions and improving your overall customer experience.  With the right data integrated into your CRM processes, you will be able to capitalise on pre-existing relationships, win new business and easily stay on top of any changes to your customer data. Whenever one of your clients opens new offices, raises new funding or changes their contact details, all of this information could be automatically added to your CRM with the right software.

As the most comprehensive database on the UK’s high-growth startups and scaleups, Beauhurst teams across dozens of industries find and connect with the fastest-growing companies in the UK. In this post, we show you how Beauhurst data can enrich your CRM by building richer profiles of existing and potential customers with structured, quality data, so you can save time on research, streamline your processes and impress leads with your knowledge to win high-value sales.

Unlock key information at a glance by using our Salesforce plugin

Compatible with the Lightning version of Salesforce Enterprise packages, the Salesforce plugin allows you to view Beauhurst’s contact information (including links to a client’s social media) on Salesforce account pages. Over 20 other Beauhurst data points including employee numbers, addresses, fundraisings, and year-end dates will be at your fingertips. The plugin also includes a utility bar component, meaning there’s no need to open a new window or hunt around for customer information for data entry— instead you can quickly search over data on potential clients and generate new successful leads in far less time.

Automate your CRM with our API

Even more powerful is our Companies API, which can automatically populate almost any CRM system with the latest data on every Beauhurst tracked company. This offers you flexibility and scalability to put the data where you want and use it how you need. Easily stay on top of any changes in your CRM accounts whilst focusing your efforts on enhancing the customer experience with new, accessible, and enriched data.

What’s included:

beauhurst API

Download key datasets with our export function

Our granular export tool allows you to pick out key information, including verified contact details within a company, and export the list to CSV or pdf. This tool is handy for quick data transfers, visualization and offline analysis so you and your sales team members can focus your efforts on customer interactions and winning more clients.

Jonny Day

“We’re always enriching our own CRM data with context from Beauhurst —instead of adding loads of new fields, we just add a link to a company’s Beauhurst profile. That way, anyone who wants more detail can click through and see the journey that the business and entrepreneurs behind them have been through.”

Want to find out more?

Instead of wasting countless hours jumping from source to source and manually mining CRM data, you could join the thousands of professionals using the Beauhurst Platform. Book a quick 30-minute demo and we’ll show you how we can answer many of your data related woes, improve your bottom line and win higher value sales.

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