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7 Ultimate B2B Lead Generation Companies UK | 2020


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In today’s ultra-competitive commercial landscape, the ability to generate promising leads can be the difference between a company surviving and thriving.

So, there has been increasing demand for B2B lead generation software that offers a competitive edge and boosts user revenues. These platforms can collect, filter, and suggest quality leads across different channels. They enable companies and marketers to capture leads and engage with their ideal prospects. This, in turn, can help fast-track serious growth. 

This post explores the top seven B2B lead generation software companies—in no particular order—that are tracked on our platform. We’ll look at each tool and see how they can help you generate better leads and increase revenue!


The Product
Yomdel is a marketing tool that provides ‘Customer Experience’ solutions. Yomdel treats its clients as ‘business-growth partners’ and provides them with a suite of customer experience solutions built around three core pillars: Insight, Design, and Engagement.

Its Insight services aim to help Yomdel’s partners understand their customers and measure their own performance, constantly improving customer experience. The Design services focus on mapping each stage of the customer journey. This involves identifying every touchpoint a customer has with a Yomdel partner, and a plan is then designed to ensure that customer objectives are met. Yomdel’s third pillar, its Engagement services, aims to deliver an enhanced customer experience at every touchpoint. As part of this service, Yomdel pioneered the UK’s first 24/7 live chat services, and connects prospects directly to a partner’s sales team. This establishes an instant, real-time line of communication which is integrated into partners’ businesses.

How it helps lead generation
Whilst all three of Yomdel’s services—Insight, Design and Engagement—contribute to the B2B lead generation process, it’s the Insight services which are most aimed at converting new businesses into customers. Here, Yomdel utilises Mystery Shopping and Market Research to gain valuable insights from existing customers. These are then used to target new leads. The Mystery Shopping service involves designing a customised programme and questionnaire, with results delivered through bespoke reporting and analysis. Meanwhile, the Market Research tool uses a variety of methods, including interviews, online surveys, and focus groups—all aimed at boosting businesses through informed decision-making.

Prospex (LOMi Artificial Intelligence)

The Product
Prospex aims to help businesses understand their ideal client and marketing objectives, creating leads based on this profile. Founded in November 2015, it already has a global user base, although currently offers sales and marketing leads solely within the UK and USA. Prospex is an AI-powered lead generation tool, which uses its learning engine ‘LOMi’ to provide qualified leads that match a company’s target audience. LOMi has been designed to understand people and their compatibility to others. It uses algorithms to accurately identify people in data sources that meet a company’s criteria. 

A key feature of LOMi is that it continually learns from a company’s decisions over whether to accept or reject a suggested lead. Thus, it can constantly refine its searches to ensure that the leads it generates closely align with a company’s objective. Prospex also offers a range of features to ensure that it can be best optimised by new businesses. It’s available across all smart devices, allowing companies to search for leads with ease. Prospex’s platform has access to over one million data contacts, with all individually matched leads being GDPR compliant. It can also be used by both individuals and teams within a company, and offers a feature for referring leads to colleagues who may be better suited to converting them into sales.

How it helps lead generation
To help its companies generate the best leads, Prospex uses a company’s sales data to create a profile of the company’s ideal client, known as the ‘Client DNA.’ Its AI-powered engine is then used to search for leads who match this DNA. Qualified leads are presented to the company and, if these leads are accepted, LOMi learns to continue presenting similar ones. If these leads are declined, the process is repeated to try and improve the result. A key feature of Prospex is its responsiveness to users. The more that its leads are accepted or declined, the more it learns about a company’s ideal client. This results in hyper-personalised leads, and thus a more effective sales process.

Prospex— Best Lead Generation Software


The Product
Spanacom focuses on generating leads for business and finance platforms, in particular for Forex companies. Its software is designed to provide online marketing tools and lead gen services, alongside data analytical tools. Each of Spanacom’s services have been integrated into a single platform using the company’s custom technology, called ‘katrix socket.’ Their ‘Online Marketing Media Network’ is aimed at customers who are interested in investors’ products, and seeks to ensure that both parties receive excellent customer service. The company was founded in 2015 and recently attended Entrepreneur Accelerator in April of last year. Spanacom currently has 90 active clients using its services and generates over 90,000 leads per month on its platform. 

How it helps lead generation
Spanacom offers several features to enhance users’ marketing campaigns, lead generation strategy, and the lead gen process as a whole. These include a customised media plan tailored to its users needs, website optimization and ad tech, alongside optional call centre integration. In addition, Spanacom uses lead verification and management technology to provide users with high-quality and targeted leads. It also provides users with personalised support throughout the process. Spanacom’s platform allows them to obtain real-time information about leads, clicks, impressions and conversions.

Spanacom — a leading Lead gen tool in the UK

Lead Forensics

The Product
Lead Forensics is a B2B lead generation tool that aims to convert anonymous website traffic into sales. The company was founded in 2010 and has featured in multiple high growth lists over the past three years, including ‘Fast Track SME Export Track 100’ and ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain.’ In order to identify anonymous website traffic, Lead Forensics uses a small piece of code to track the IP addresses of users visiting a website. These IP addresses are then compared to data held by Lead Forensics. As a result, the software can then provide accurate information about unknown website visitors. Companies can choose how they use this information, helping them to tailor their pitch to potential customers

There are two ways through which companies can use this tool. Firstly, users can access services through Lead Forensics’ portal, which offers valuable reporting and exporting functions. Alternatively, Lead Forensics can be integrated directly into companies’ existing CRM systems, such as Salesforce. In both cases, customers are allocated a Customer Success Manager to guide them through each step of the process. 

How it helps lead generation
Lead Forensics provides a number of services to facilitate B2B marketing and lead generation. It aims to turn traffic into leads by looking at the businesses that have visited a company’s website. It provides users with instant access to the names, job titles, and email addresses of key decision-makers from these businesses. 

Lead Forensics also aims to transform companies’ sales funnel by giving sales teams full visibility of every stage of a prospects’ interaction with the company’s website. Not only do they have access to visitors’ contact information, but users can also see details of which landing pages were viewed, how many times they were visited, and the time spent on each page. They can even set up alerts that tell them when someone revists a page. 

Lastly, users can maximise campaign ROI as Lead Forensics provides insights and campaign analytics through a centralised hub. One valuable insight provided as part of this service includes the ability to view which channels are driving sales-ready leads, such as social media or external links. This enables companies to improve their marketing strategy and target their efforts accordingly.

Lead Forensics Lead Generation software


The Product
Founded in February 2017, ActiveBench provides automated lead generation specifically for recruitment firms. It allows prospective clients to search a company’s CRM for candidates who meet their needs. To do so, ActiveBench implements an e-commerce platform to its users’ websites, allowing prospects to find talent in their database. Importantly, search results are anonymous, protecting the commercial interests of companies and incentivising prospective clients to learn more about their recruitment capabilities.  

To use ActiveBench’s platform, companies add a search widget to their website, enabling prospects to browse for candidates. When installing the e-commerce platform, ActiveBench requires certain information from its users. This information includes: the company’s website URL, an email list for leads, and a template of how candidate profiles should appear. Upon receipt of this information, ActiveBench will then send the company a line of code to be added to their website, in order to integrate the search widget. ActiveBench can be integrated within a wide range of CRM systems, with the recruitment firms retaining 100% control over the data they want to show. This includes the candidates and fields they want to share.

How it helps lead generation
ActiveBench is unique as it focuses on helping recruiters generate new leads, by converting browsers into customers. It relies on the recruitment firm’s own data to find leads, and does not find prospective clients on their behalf – although it is currently developing a plan to do so in the future. Companies also gain access to the ActiveBench Portal which shows insights into the company’s website traffic, prospect search data, and candidates offered.

ActiveBench interface — a top Lead Generation tool


The Product
LiveLead’s lead generation system focuses on sales automation for construction and property-related businesses. It brings together thousands of tender and planning application sales leads, all in one place. The company has developed an Automated Data Gathering System (ADGS) which automatically finds qualified leads. Users are given access to this list of new leads, from which they can then select the most appropriate opportunities. The real-time accuracy provided by LiveLead’s ADGS sales tool ensures that companies do not learn of planning and tender opportunities once they’ve expired.

LiveLead offers flexibility to its subscribers, allowing them to pause and restart subscriptions through monthly, quarterly, and annual packages. It also offers an unrestricted 14 day free plan. This allows users to trial the software before committing to a subscription. Whilst initially designed to cater to SMEs, LiveLead is also used by large corporations who are seeking significant planning and tender opportunities.

How it helps lead generation
Through LiveLead, construction and property businesses can automate their search for leads based on several criteria. These include keywords, value, region, and industry. To date, a total of 5,705 tender results and over 13 million planning results have been conducted through LiveLead’s system. 

In addition to searching for new leads, LiveLead also creates tender and planning reports. These reports are fully customisable to companies’ individual needs. They generate tailored leads based on the criteria that have been selected. This provides users with an automatic and ongoing pipeline of sales leads, without having to conduct manual searches. The delivery of these reports can be customised to be received on specific days or to contain different search criteria. Desired opportunities can then be downloaded onto companies’ CRM systems.


The Product

Last but certainly not least (if we do say so ourselves!) 

Beauhurst is a powerful SaaS platform providing information on the fastest-growing companies in the UK, alongside rich information on wider ecosystem of funders and accelerators. The platform is used by thousands of analysts, investors, strategists, and business development experts for a range of different uses. These include identifying ambitious companies to invest in or sell services to, conducting thorough due diligence, and building a targeted list of funders. All users receive ongoing support and training from a dedicated Account Manager. 

Founded in July 2010, Beauhurst has developed proprietary algorithms that track and gather updates from thousands of sources, such as press mentions and Companies House filings. The information captured is then manually verified by Beauhurst’s Data team.

How it helps lead generation
The Beauhurst platform allows users to search across 30,000 ambitious companies to identify (very specified) high-quality leads that match their ideal client. Each company has an in-depth profile with details on recent fundraisings, valuations, and transaction history, so sales reps can get to grips with the business before they approach—vastly improving conversion rate.

The platform even shows who the key decision makers are, alongside verified email addresses and company phone numbers. This shapes Beauhurst as both an invaluable lead generation tool and an intelligence gathering facility. An API version is available too, along with a Salesforce plugin.

To be featured on the platform, companies must meet one of Beauhurst’s eight high-growth triggers:

  • Secured equity fundraising;
  • Received venture debt;
  • Been spun-out of a UK university or Higher Education institution;
  • Met the OECD’s definition of a scaleup;
  • Attended one of the UK’s top business accelerator programmes;
  • Completed a management buy in/buy out;
  • Been listed on one of the UK’s top high-growth lists; and
  • Received an innovation grant from a selected programme.

This means that each company that is featured has been validated as high-potential. Featured companies include the likes of Deliveroo, Monzo, The Hut Group, along with thousands of high-quality and early-stage companies that you won’t have heard of before. The next big companies are all on Beauhurst. and establishing partnerships with these companies at early stages of growth can make for incredibly valuable clients down the line—especially once they’re household names…

See case studies of how companies use Beauhurst, and read about how you can enrich your existing CRM with Beauhurst, or how to enhance your lead tracking  process here.

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