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How to Enhance Your Lead Tracking Process With Beauhurst


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Business Development, lead generation, deal origination—whichever you want to call it, when it comes to an effective sales process, timing is everything. It doesn’t matter how strong your pool of potential sales leads is, if you approach at the wrong moment you not only waste your time, but you could lose the deal. 

So how can you tell when it’s the best time to approach? A CRM system or lead tracking software can notify you when an individual contact is showing interest, and numerous research studies can tell you what day of the week and what time of day is best to reach out. But your sales reps also need to be aware of when the company is in a position to consider your product or services: this involves tracking company financials and changes in employee count. 

Beauhurst’s Collections feature automates this otherwise tricky task, with timely updates on the companies you care about, so you can be the first to reach out to them after a funding round or office move. And with all the information you need about the event in one place, personalisation becomes painless.

More effective lead tracking with Beauhurst Collections

A Collection is a tailored list of companies that are important to you and your business. Wave goodbye to endless google searches by quickly finding all the UK companies that match your ideal client through our Advanced Search function. Or, use data from your CRM software to build a list of previously qualified leads or old opportunities that you’d like to follow-up with in the future. 

You can even have a different Collection to represent each stage of your sales pipeline for personal lead management, or share the Collections with the whole sales team. 

You’ll receive email alerts detailing recent activity of these companies. Customise your notifications with the type of news you’re interested in, so you don’t have to sift through unnecessary information.

customise notifications on Beauhurst

Maximise your outreach efforts

Many of our clients, especially recruiters, creative agencies and software providers, are primarily interested in the events which show that a company has the budget for their products and services. 

A fresh round of funding or an IPO, growth in employee count and news of a new office opening are excellent proxies for this, and are great triggers to get back in touch with your contacts.

Notification of a new funding round on the Beauhurst platform

Build profitable customer relationships

Businesses want to be courted. They want to know you care about their story, and feel that you understand them. This is especially true for young, fast-growing businesses, where employees are more likely to have an emotional and economic stake in the business.

Collection alerts not only indicate when you should get back in touch with a prospect, they also give you all the details you need to show that you’ve done your homework – without having to put in the legwork (although they don’t need to know that!). 

With a quick browse of a company profile, or by downloading a one page company tear sheet, you can be fully informed and ready to pick up the phone in minutes. With a turnaround of that kind of speed you have a massive first mover advantage, and can efficiently move your leads through the next stage in the sales funnel – and boost your conversion rates whilst you’re at it.

Want to see the data for yourself? Download a sample company tear sheet.


Get the most out of Beauhurst

Throughout a subscription to Beauhurst, you’ll have unlimited access to your dedicated Account Manager, who will help you set up your Collections in the onboarding process. They’ll also assist you throughout the year to make sure your workflows as effective as possible.

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