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No more fake connections: New Upload Contacts feature


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In our recent launch of the My Network feature – part of the Networks add-on – we showed how you could capitalise on your existing relationships and leverage genuine business connections to top entrepreneurs, angel investors, C-suite executives, directors and shareholders in the companies and areas of interest to you.

Following our latest update, you can now upload your existing network of contacts to your Beauhurst account, making it even easier to grow your network and set up warm introductions to the people that matter, whether you’re conducting due diligence or exploring new business opportunities.

A fresh start

In existing social networks, everyone adds everyone and a 1st degree connection can mean very little. But hidden amongst the likes, reshares and #humblebrag posts are some genuine connections, drowned out by the noise.

If you have the Networks add-on, the Upload Contacts tool enables you to start afresh, with only your most genuine connections, quickly and easily.

Build a network in seconds

Export a list of your existing contacts – whether that’s from Linkedin, Gmail, Apple mail or your CRM system – and upload them using the new tool. You can even use a simple list of names or email addresses if that’s easier.

Where there’s a match with someone tracked on Beauhurst, they’ll automatically be speculatively marked as a first degree connection on the platform. You can then tidy and tailor your contacts, and only choose to add the people that mean something to you. You’ll then have a list of real, genuine connections that you can build upon, without having to search for individuals one by one.

Find your next warm introduction

Once you’ve uploaded your 1st degree connections, you can combine them with your normal Advanced Search criteria to see if any of them hold shares, directorships or key roles relating to your search – a quick and easy way to find a direct route into your next opportunity.

You can also use your uploaded contacts to limit your Advanced Search 2nd degree connections only, thereby discovering influential people outside of your immediate network who can be introduced to you.

For example, if you worked in executive search, you could target high-growth companies in need of CFOs who have 2nd degree connections in their senior management team – meaning you have a means for a warm introduction to a new, promising lead.

React quickly

The Upload Contacts tool is not just a speedy way of initially setting up your network on the platform – it’s also a means to quickly update and improve your network as you go. Whether it’s a handful of people who you just met at an event, or a small circle of angel investors you’ve worked with in a recent venture, with a simple copy and paste of names or emails you’ll be presented with a targeted list of 2nd degree connections, ready and waiting.

Want to try it out?

If you’re already a subscriber to the Beauhurst platform and would like to access this new feature, just get in touch with your Account Manager.

If you’re interested in seeing the platform and exploring the feature for yourself then book a demo and one of our friendly Associates will be in touch.


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