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New to Beauhurst: My Network


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Networking and leveraging existing relationships are both vital parts of achieving commercial success – no matter the industry you’re in. To do this, most people rely upon social networking sites and apps in lieu of mentally rifling through a list of contacts.

But these existing social networks are oversaturated: everyone adds everyone, and it’s near impossible to find a clear path to the connections that really matter. What’s more, there’s no way to hone in on the connections to sectors and activities that mean something to you and your business.

In our latest update to the Beauhurst platform, you can now create your own relationship ecosystem using My Network – which greatly enhances our Networks feature. My Network allows you to capitalise on your existing relationships and leverage genuine business connections to top entrepreneurs, angel investors, C-suite executives, directors and shareholders in the companies and areas of interest to you.

Grow your existing network

If you know someone on the Beauhurst platform, add them to your network from their profile and they will become a 1st degree connection.

Once you have added someone to My Network, you will see 1st or 2nd degree symbols throughout the platform wherever they, or any of their connections via their associated companies and funds on Beauhurst, appear on the platform. By flagging your 2nd degree connections, My Network opens the door to create genuine, warm introductions for your next business opportunities.

Find the best way in

If someone is a 1st or 2nd degree connection to you, you’ll see an icon and the degree of connection next to their name, everywhere on the platform that it appears. This means you can explore relationships across company Ownership and People tabs, Quick Search, Fund pages, Advanced Search results, and more.

Say, for example, you wanted to find an opener for working with a company of interest. With My Network, you can scan the ‘Key People’ table within the People tab, and see whether you have any 1st or 2nd degree connections that can loop you in.

Even when outreach is not the main objective, it can be useful to know where you have relevant connections: whether you’re conducting due diligence on a company or browsing through recent deals, stumbling across a shared connection can provide the opportunity to reach out and gain deeper insight into your area of research.

Explore your options

When you visit a connection’s profile, whether 1st or 2nd degree, you will see a summary of how you’re connected to them. You can use this to determine the best route of reaching out, without having to trawl through endless lists of faux connections.

Might we suggest...?

If you have a profile on Beauhurst, you can also mark yourself on the platform. Following this, on the Suggested Connections tab you’ll see a list of people we think you know and how you might know them. You can then choose which of these people you would like to add as connections, a quick and effortless way to expand your network even further without having to manually search for individuals.

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