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New to Beauhurst: Interactive maps


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Feeling a little lost amongst lists of data? Have no fear – we’ve added a brand new interactive map to help you find your way!

In our latest update to the Beauhurst platform, whenever you use the Explore or Advanced Search features to look at companies in the UK, you’ll be able to view your results in a responsive map – including searches across All Company Data.

The map shows you the number of companies that meet your search criteria, broken down by country, region, local authority or local enterprise partnership (LEP), so you can compare and contrast areas of interest.

Colour scales across the map enable you to differentiate between areas of high and low concentration, meaning you can quickly identify strong performing regions and interesting outliers. This simple visual breakdown is ideal for client presentations (subject to our data policy), and you can tweak your search criteria to showcase your area’s strengths!

What’s more, by hovering over a section of the map, you’ll access the data behind it, and see in exact figures how many companies relating to your search have been identified in that area.

Understand markets at a glance

The Explore feature is always the best place to start when brushing up your knowledge on a particular sector or buzzword, as it provides you with key facts and data relating to that area.

Previously subscribers would run multiple searches and exports to conduct regional analysis. But now, with the addition of the interactive map, you can easily see how companies tagged with a sector or buzzword are distributed across the UK, all on one screen. As with any instance where the map appears on the platform, you can further refine by country, region, local authority or local enterprise partnership (LEP).

This is an effortless way of having a quick overview of a sector, without having to conduct any in-depth searches – ideal for when you want to understand markets at a glance, but you aren’t looking for anything specific.

Identify areas of opportunity

Data in map form provides the perfect opportunity to zone in on areas where a particular sector of interest to your business is thriving: for example, if your client base is within the fintech sector, you can quickly identify regions or local authorities where there is a high density of these prospects.

Conversely, you may be looking to identify a gap in the market that your company can meet, in which case areas where competition is low may be of interest.

For each of these cases, the Explore feature will enable you to have a quick glance, and identify areas where all ambitious, Beauhurst-tracked, companies in this sector are currently based.

For more in-depth prospecting, combine this with your normal Advanced Search criteria for new business opportunities or competitor analysis – perhaps you want to filter by stage of evolution, amount raised through fundraisings, or number of employees – and as well as seeing a list of companies, you will now be able to see how these prospects are mapped across the UK, or within a specific region.

In case you missed it...

We’ve since added a host of new features to our interactive map – find out more here, in our latest blog.

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