All Company Data

Search and view profiles for every company in the UK

The All Company Data add-on draws on Companies House data to provide intuitively structured and searchable information on every registered company in the UK. 

This allows you to search over location, SIC codes, financials and more, of every UK registered company—regardless of whether they have hit our high-growth triggers.

Expand your reach

Use All Company Data to build lists of companies across the UK. 

For example, companies that have specific financials in a particular region, such as EBITDA between £1m-£5m, and turnover increase of 10% from last year, in companies based in the North West. 

Understand the whole ecosystem

Aggregate data visualisations reveal key trends in companies over time. See how the populations of specific SIC codes have grown, or the gender balance of their directors.

Just one subscription

Use other data sources as well as Beauhurst? Our add-on reduces the need for other costly subscriptions, systems and fees, integrating all your company data in one system.

New data, same service

As with any Beauhurst feature, we’re constantly adding improvements to make your job easier. Our Account Management team are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

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