How Do Councils Use Beauhurst?

Sarah Cheeseman, 17 August 2023

In the UK, local councils are responsible for a wide range of activities aimed at serving communities, ensuring the well-being of residents and supporting the local economy. This can include anything from safe housing, to public services such as education and waste collection, and economic development aimed at encouraging business growth and investment into the area.

However, due to a lack of trustworthy, centralised data, those who work in councils can come up against barriers when seeking the information they need to properly support those within their remit. This is where the BeauhurstImpact platform can help.

What is BeauhurstImpact?

BeauhurstImpact brings together data on every active UK company into one searchable platform. Using a unique blend of machine learning models, data extraction tools and 60+ data analysts, we provide an up-to-date and accurate view of businesses. Our data platform provides the knowledge you need to attract investment and commercial success to your local ecosystem. 

Why do councils use BeauhurstImpact?

Many councils are still relying on out-of-date, clunky systems and spreadsheets to discover and track key trends across sectors. With BeauhurstImpact, our quick and easy-to-use platform offers a level of detail that you can’t get anywhere else. Here are some of the key ways in which our council clients benefit from our platform.

1. To get a broad understanding of businesses in their area

Our accurate and up-to-date information means that you can get a full view of your local ecosystem, getting a clear understanding of which areas may need additional support, and giving you the ability to provide clear proof of how you have helped businesses in the past. 

2. To attract new opportunities

Our platform has ‘triggers’ for high-growth companies—think funding, scaleups, spinouts, high-growth lists and accelerators—which mean you never miss an exciting company. With access to our data and insights, you can find companies that are most likely to benefit from the strengths of your region, such as access to airports, technology or agriculture. 

3. To compare regions

The BeauhurstImpact platform also allows you to track your performance against other areas, helping you to outline your strengths and identify areas that may need additional support for growth. 

4. For data reporting and analysis

With access to data around transaction types and company growth, you will be able to easily track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measure the impact of your input. This information can then be clearly presented to potential new businesses as evidence of your success and strengths. 

5. To enrich their CRM

By connecting with an Application Programming Interface (API), BeauhurstImpact can push data directly through to your CRM. This enriches the data you have access to and enables quick and simple collaboration between the different teams. This data can then be used to create dashboards to visualise key information, helping you to track trends and identify any particularly successful or struggling areas quickly. When you’re all speaking the same language, it helps you to work better across different teams and spot opportunities that may otherwise have been missed.

What can I use BeauhurstImpact data for?

Every council and authority within the UK is different, with their own KPIs and goals to achieve. And while there may be a range of different reasons for using our platform, they share many of the same goals when it comes to helping local businesses. 

Identify struggling companies

The data we track can provide unrivalled insights into companies that may be showing signs of struggle, for example, a decrease in employees or plateauing of earnings. This gives you a targeted list of businesses in your area that could benefit from your support, helping you to understand where your budgets and efforts should be spent. 

Monitor investment data

Our ‘Collections’ function enables you to monitor businesses within your area, or any which may be of interest to you in the future. This means that you can understand what’s happening within your chosen selection, getting updates for any key changes or activities. This includes the number and value of investments they’re receiving—something which can be vital in understanding how a company is performing, as well as who the most active investors in your area are. 

Analyse activity over time

Our data can also provide you with the statistics you need to track business activity within your local area over time, highlighting trends and showing the positive effect that your help and investments have achieved. Making reporting easier than ever before. 

Automated alerts

Our alerts function notifies you by email if any new people or companies fall into a saved search. This means that you can find out about companies conducting pioneering research and building innovative businesses and be the first to reach out. This function also allows you to monitor existing businesses within your area, meaning you can be alerted to any changes within your collections automatically.

Working with Beauhurst

There is nothing more important to us than ensuring our customers get the most out of our platform. This means that no matter what your needs are, we will invest the time needed to understand how we can support this, not just with data but also through personalised insights and advice from our experienced and friendly account management team. 

Whether you need help building out targeted searches, creating your Collections or setting up alerts, we’re always on hand to help improve your business support strategies and see success through our platform. If you’d like to find out more about how we can work together, speak to a member of our team today. You can also see how the platform works by booking a demo.

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