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How to Get the Most Out of Beauhurst Collections


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Collections are the best way for you to continually monitor the progress of specific companies, people, accelerators and funds through the Beauhurst platform. They allow you to create custom cohorts and receive updates on any new developments, complete more complex searches, and track your work with individual organisations through customisable flags. 

Over the past few months, the Beauhurst Product team has been hard at work adding extra functionality to the Collections feature, so you can get even more out of the Beauhurst platform. Here, we’ve explored some of our most recent releases and how they can make you better at your job.

A quick refresher on Collections

A Collection is a set of companies, funds or transactions that’s curated by you. Try using a Collection to:
  • Keep an eye on a set of fast-growing companies, funds, or accelerators
  • Search for associated people, funds or company events
  • Exclude your colleagues’ Collections from your searches, so you can be sure you’re not planning to approach the same prospects
A quick refresher on Collections

See what your colleagues are interested in

Now, you can see if a company is in a shared Collection and adjust your flags from the company profile. Why not:

  • Flag a company as interesting or contacted, so your colleagues can avoid repeating your work
  • Add a “seen” flag on the company page so you know which Collection items you’ve reviewed
See what your colleagues are interested in

Manage your Beauhurst alerts

Everyone needs a little something different when it comes to activity alerts from Beauhurst. This has never been easier to customise from the settings page in your Collection.  Ensure your Collections fit in with your workflow by tailoring them to suit your needs.
  • Choose when and how often you’d like to be alerted when key events occur for companies in your Collection
  • Customise your email alerts to include only the events you’re interested in
Customise your Collections

We want to hear your feedback!

Our Product team is always looking for ways to make Collections more powerful for you. If you have feedback on ways we can improve them, or want to chat through how you use the feature at the moment, then we want to hear from you!

Send us an email at, or speak to your account manager to set up a call. 

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