Custom columns on Beauhurst's advanced search tool

Custom Columns: UK Company Data, Any Way You Want It


We’ve just released one of our most requested features to the Beauhurst platform: custom columns and sorting for Advanced Search results, to speed up your research and decision making. Read on to learn why we created this feature for our clients (and how to use it).

Customise your search results

Want to compare a specific data point between companies? With our new custom columns feature, you can customise your Advanced Search results, to find the information you’re after faster than ever before. Discover all the data you need on a set of businesses, without having to click through to each company’s profile.

You can even reduce the number of columns you see, or reorder them. Plus, we’ve introduced six new data points that can be added to your results table for company searches, including turnover, employee count and total fundraisings.

Custom columns example

How will it save you time?

1.   Better understand your search results

Preview key financial and fundraising information for a company, before diving into their full profile. This way, you won’t waste time on businesses that aren’t relevant to your work.

2.   Focus on what matters

Remove and rearrange columns, so you can zero in on only the most important information when reviewing your results.

3.   Find the most relevant companies

Sort your results using any of our new or existing data points, allowing you to prioritise your work around the most interesting businesses first.

All of this means you can spend less time researching and exporting, and more time acting on the data that you know is valuable. How does this work in practice? Here’s a couple of examples that spring to mind…

Lead lists, built for recruiters

Let’s say you’re a recruitment firm, looking for high-growth technology businesses in London that are actively hiring. Using our Advanced Search tool, you can quickly generate a list of companies that meet this criteria. 

But perhaps you’re only interested in those with the highest number of employees. Now, you can easily sort your search results in this way, to discover the companies that are most relevant to you first, and better prioritise your outreach.

Custom columns actively hiring in London search results for recruiters

Scaleup insights, built for councils

How might our council or LEP clients use this product update? Maybe you want to identify local businesses with growth potential that need your support—for instance, you might search for scaleups headquartered in Lancashire.

With limited time and resources, you’ll need to decide which companies to get in touch with straight away and which to come back to later. Using custom columns, you can instantly preview their stage of evolution, employee count, turnover, and amount secured through fundraisings (and sort them accordingly).

Custom columns scaleup search results for councils

Want to have a say in future product updates?

We’ve been talking to lots of our customers about how we can help them get more out of Beauhurst, to find the companies they care about with more speed, clarity and confidence. But this is only the beginning… Whilst the first version of our custom columns feature is now live, we’ll be making more data points available for custom search results soon. And we want to hear which ones matter most to you! Email me here to share your thoughts.

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