How Talenty Uses Beauhurst to Find & Win New Clients

So far, we've grown our client base by 230% using Beauhurst—which is absolutely brilliant.

Pete Rowe, co-founder

Staffing and Recruiting

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Talenty offers flexible talent solutions to support scaling companies day-to-day, as well as during periods of significant change.

Co-founders Pete and Jamie help clients maximise their direct hiring, enhance their employee brand, and develop their employee value proposition.

Key uses of Beauhurst

    • Finding recently-funded companies in need of talent
    • Quickly researching companies before approaching decision makers
    • Feeding verified contact details into existing CRM software

With the help of Beauhurst, we're able to effectively approach around 250 prospects a week. And the only reason that number isn't higher is because we don't have the capacity to deal with all the responses.

Beauhurst is a bit of a cheat code to access company data in a way I've never seen before. It makes BD easy and efficient—it's been such an integral part of our company's growth.

How was Talenty introduced to Beauhurst?

My co-founder Jamie and I worked together at our previous roles, where we used and loved Beauhurst, and always knew that it would be the basis of our business development efforts at Talenty.

I actually placed a developer at Beauhurst many years ago and campaigned for its adoption in our last company. I didn’t get my way straight away but once we implemented it we very quickly saw the benefit.

We started Talenty with a clear aim to help early-stage startups get better at hiring people, and  are on a mission to help them implement best practice hiring earlier in their growth.

We got things up and running through our own networks, and that was great for the first couple of months, but we knew we would need more scalable processes in order to grow the business.

So when we were ready to approach new markets and pull in a greater crowd of clients, we invested in the Beauhurst platform.

How has Beauhurst powered your prospecting process?

There are currently three of us full-time at Talenty, with a part-time sales rep who manages much of our outreach work. With the help of Beauhurst, we’re able to effectively approach around 250 prospects a week. And the only reason that number isn’t higher is because we don’t have the capacity to deal with all the responses. At times we’ve even had to pause on business development, because we’ve got so many new clients to onboard. 

So far, we’ve grown our client base by 230% using Beauhurst—which is absolutely brilliant.

On top of that, we’ve got a whole load of people I’ve approached via the platform that are a little too early in their growth journey for us at the moment, who I’ve got a date to get back in touch with a couple of months down the line. So it’s setting us up for future success as well as immediate opportunities.

Can you talk us through the criteria you’re currently using to find new prospects?

We use a range of triggers to identify our prospects, but the most valuable one is if they’ve recently raised equity investment. That’s a really great indication that they’re about to get serious about hiring. Beauhurst is brilliant at identifying these companies, so we have a stream of new, high-quality leads to reach out to each week. 

We’re currently focussing on tech sectors, but we’ll soon be looking to move into other niche areas, like pharmaceuticals or business and professional services.

What do you gain from approaching leads sector-by-sector like that?

Working on one sector at a time means that we can develop a really good standard of industry intel, and focus on upping conversion rates. Obviously, each sector has its own challenges and roles that they struggle with, and we’re able to really tailor our messages to that specific industry pain point. Even things like sending across some industry stats makes the outreach really refreshing, and shows awareness. People are always pleasantly surprised that we know all of this info about their company and sector, and that really opens up the conversation.

What process are you using to make contact with these leads?

We use a mixture of LinkedIn and email to contact prospects, but we don’t just blast them from every angle. We log on to Beauhurst at the end of every Friday, export a .csv of fresh leads and their contact details, and feed it into our CRM in order to manage the email outreach. 

How would you describe Beauhurst to a fellow recruiter?

Beauhurst is a bit of a cheat code to access company data in a way I’ve never seen before. It makes BD easy and efficient—it’s been such an integral part of our company’s growth.

And from a people perspective, our Beauhurst Account Manager, Layla, has been absolutely incredible, and so accommodating with how we want to use the platform and getting us set up. It really feels like there’s somebody that’s part of our team that you can talk to and rely on, rather than just talking to a chatbot.

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