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How To Find Companies That Are Actively Hiring

Hannah Skingle

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The Beauhurst platform allows users to search for high-growth companies by any combination of hundreds of criteria, including funding history, financial information, sector, location and employee growth. Now, we’ve added a new data point to our arsenal, allowing you to search for the high-growth companies that are actively hiring.

This new data point runs over all of our 45k+ tracked companies, and is essential for recruiters looking for new clients, as well as government bodies looking to understand the health of their local, regional, or national high-growth ecosystem, and accelerators and funds looking to track the ongoing success of their portfolios.

How to see which companies are actively hiring

You can find the actively hiring status on the “Basic Details” tab of a company page, in the Status box.

Actively hiring company profile

How to search for companies that are actively hiring

The datapoint is also available in Advanced Search, and can be combined with other search attributes to help you find companies most relevant to you, whether that’s those in a certain sector, location or with a specific employee count. 

Say you’re a recruiter looking to bring on London-based fintech clients, you could conduct the following search, which returns 384 companies (at time of writing). 

fintechs in london that are hiring

After completing this initial search, you might want to add these results to a Collection. This means that any time a new company meets these criteria, you’ll get a notification straight to you inbox, giving you a solid pipeline of leads each week, so you never run out of businesses to approach. 

Or maybe you work for a county council, and want to check how many high-growth businesses in your area are currently hiring, in order to form a report for local stakeholders. Specify the company location, and the actively hiring status. Then, you could save the search, so that you can quickly access it whenever you want to rerun the report. 

Companies in Leeds LEP that are hiring

Export data on actively hiring companies

The actively hiring data point is also available in CSV exports, whether you want to further analyse the data or combine it with other sources. You can find it under the “Activity” category when you export a CSV from the company, collection and advanced search pages.

export actively hiring companies

How does Beauhurst assign an “Actively Hiring” status?

Beauhurst data analysts use publicly available information to ascertain whether a company is currently hiring. The following criteria must be met in order for a company to be considered to be actively hiring:
  • The company itself must have open job roles—listings of open job roles at external companies are not sufficient (e.g. recruitment companies hiring into client companies but not into themselves would not be actively hiring)
  • A job listing must have a job title and/or job description
  • Companies that only have a job page that contains a generic message such as “we’re always looking for new talent – get in touch” are not considered to be actively hiring.

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