The Stealth Round

We’ve analysed the 68% of UK equity rounds that never get announced to the press. How many are there? Which companies are raising them? And what can they tell us about a company?

unannounced fundraising report

In this free report, you’ll find out:

  • What proportion of UK equity deals go unannounced
  • What value of UK equity deals go unannounced
  • The sectors and regions that see the greatest and smallest proportion of rounds announced to the media
  • The average round size, based on whether the deal was announced or not
  • Five scaling companies that have kept each of their equity deals under wraps

Here’s a sneak-peak inside

what can unannounced fundraisings show?
what can unannounced fundraisings show?

About the author

lucy wilson

Lucy produces expert analysis for Beauhurst’s blog and long-form research reports, with a particular interest in cleantech and impact investing. Lucy holds a BA in Politics, History, and Economics from Durham University.

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