Uploading Contacts Is Now Faster and Easier

 6 December 2021

If you’ve got access to the Beauhurst Networks add-on, you can already add people you know to “My Network” and use those connections to your advantage around the platform.

Today we’ve made uploading contacts and managing connections easier.

Uploading contacts is faster and clearer

The matching process is much faster. Even if you upload thousands of contacts, it’ll take a fraction of the time.

On the match result screen, the “not matched” category has been split into two. Now you’ll see who returned no matches, and who returned too many matches (for example where a person has a common name and no other information).

You can also download these results so you know which contacts you need to provide more information for.

Quickly know who to add to your Network

Contacts we’ve matched on the platform go into your Suggested Connections list. We’ve made this list easier to manage.

First, the table shows you the “match confidence” for each suggestion, based on the amount of unique identifying information provided. If it’s high, that means the suggestion is almost certainly the right person. If it’s medium, there’s a good chance. If it’s low, you should make sure before you add them.

The table also shows you how many 2nd degree connections you’ll gain if you add a suggested connection to your Network, allowing you to focus on the connections with the biggest benefits to you.

Easily add and manage suggested connections

You can now save time by adding, hiding, or removing many suggested connections at once.

Finally, you can now filter, sort, and search the table of suggested connections, so you can focus on the best people to add to your Network.

Add your contacts

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