Share Network Connections Across Your Subscription

 24 September 2021

If you’ve got access to the Beauhurst Networks add-on, then you should already be aware that you can mark people across the high-growth space as known to you. Through this, you can unveil a huge number of second-degree connections. Now, we’ve turbocharged this feature, allowing you to see how your colleagues are connected to people, too.

👓 Understand previously hidden connections

📈 Expand the number of warm leads available

💪 Pick out the strongest line of approach

Understanding a connection

Wherever you see a person attached to a tracked company around the platform you’ll also see if you or your colleagues are connected to them. The hollow network symbol shows when your closest connection is via a colleague’s network

Click on a person’s profile to see how you are connected to them. As your network grows, you may often find you are connected to individuals through multiple colleagues and intermediate connections. We visualise this to help you cut through the complexity and find the most valuable way to make first contact.

Search across connections

You can also leverage your expanded network using Advanced Search in combination with any other search criteria to help you narrow down target companies, people, funds, and more, to those that someone in your business has an existing relationship with.

Build out your network

Building out your network on Beauhurst is now more valuable than ever as both you and your colleagues benefit each other.

Start exploring your extended network on the platform today!

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