Optimise Patent Searches with New Filters

 16 January 2024

Search by earliest filing date and by total number across our Patents dataset.

Focus in on companies at the start (or end) of their patent journey

Time is everything, so don’t waste yours – only look at companies based on when they filed their patents.

Reach out to the 2 energy companies that only started filing patents in the past 3 years – will you win the race to finding these new innovative companies?

Or broaden your search to the 295 energy companies that haven’t filed any patents in the past 3 years – will you help these companies restart the protection of their intellectual property?

Whether you care about recency or consistency, our search tools will guide you towards the right companies.

Separate the Davids from the Goliaths

Narrow down your search for companies based on the total number of patents they have or don’t have.

Discover the 3,528 companies that have filed at least 10 patents – do these companies need your support to manage their intellectual property portfolio?

Or find the 17 AgriTech companies with 2 patents or less – do these companies need your help to better protect their unique inventions?

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