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Product update: see past shareholders and search across company financials

Hannah Skingle

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This week, we’ve launched two important updates to the Beauhurst platform, which will minimise the amount of time users spend trawling through Companies House filings, and allow them to explore this data in a more structured, digestible format.

Search over financials of every UK company

Building on one of our more recent features, allowing subscribers to search over changes in financial statements of Beauhurst tracked companies, you can now search over changes in financial statements across every UK company. This gives invaluable insight into company growth across the UK economy, and makes it even easier to identify businesses that fit your target criteria – even if they’re not tracked on the platform. 

For example, at Beauhurst, we identify scaleups using the OECDs definition of 20% year on year growth in turnover or employee count over 3 years. But maybe you’re only interested in growth in employee count, or have more specific criteria for what constitutes an interesting company.

 Alternatively, you may not be interested in growth at all, and are more concerned with struggling businesses that need your help. With search over changes in financials, you can set your own specifications and find the companies that match, in either percentage or absolute terms.

Assess historic shareholdings at a glance

Our second update lets you examine historic company shareholdings, and easily see where there’s been a reorganisation, a steep increase in stakeholders, or a sudden decline. See when important shareholders first got involved with a Beauhurst tracked company, or when they sold their shares.

Clear colour-coding shows increases and decreases in number and percent of shares, and simple name tags tell you which shareholders are new and which have been removed since the previous year.

How to access the features

The past shareholdings feature is now live for all Beauhurst subscribers. Searching across financials of every UK company is live for users with an All Company Data Add-on. You can contact our Head of Account Management, Zoë Carmichael at or 020 3422 8150 if you have any questions regarding this, or any other platform feature. 

If you don’t currently hold a Beauhurst subscription, but want to find out more about how our platform can help your team, click the button below:

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