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Product update: find growth in financial statements


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Following several requests from both current and prospective clients, we’ve expanded our Advanced Search tool to  allow users to identify changes over time in a company’s financial statement. For example, a 50% growth in turnover over a 2 year period, or a sudden jump in a company’s pre-tax profits.

Searching for changes over time is particularly useful for businesses operating in sectors such as recruitment or office space provision. Using  our new feature they’ll be able to quickly analyse employee growth rate amongst Britain’s high-growth sector, helping them predict when they should approach the company with new offers or services.

Essentially, this update lets our users apply their own measures of growth to a company’s financial statement. Say, for example, you were trying to find the next big mobile app developer to invest in. This can be a lucrative sector – King Digital Entertainment, who developed the popular app Candy Crush, displayed growth in turnover levels of nearly 500% over one 12-month period. Combined with our sector matrix, you would be able to search for companies which develop mobile apps and have displayed a certain amount of turnover growth, plus much more.

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