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We’re bringing some long-awaited changes to the platform. As of this week, our subscribers will have the option of upgrading their accounts to include profiles for every single company in the UK, displayed alongside those tracked by Beauhurst.

Get the big picture. Search over every company in the UK.

We’ve incorporated every firm into our quick search, an instant way of unlocking information on companies.

Want more power? Hone in on the types of companies you’re looking for with advanced search. Construct targeted queries and filters to find exactly what you’re after, searching over SIC codes, financial statements, location and more.

See through the layers. Visualise any corporate structure.

Corporate structures can be confusing to get your head around. We’ve created a new interactive tool so you can visualise and explore any company’s parents and subsidiaries in seconds.

Bonus feature. Save time and search directly over EBITDA.

Something we’ve been meaning to add to our data for a while; EBIDTA (or Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortisation) is an important tool for valuing and comparing companies and their performance. Now you can laser-in on firms using EBITDA directly in advanced search, and view within any company’s profile. 

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