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How to monitor your fund portfolio with Beauhurst


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Since the first murmurings of an economic downturn back in April, many investors have been holding on tight to their purse strings. Most VCs will have shifted their focus to look after their existing portfolio, rather than sourcing new deals and taking on more risk. 

If you’re an investor looking to effectively track your portfolio without the hard work, the Beauhurst platform is the answer. 

Our world class data and powerful tools enable you to easily visualise trends, perform quick searches, and receive insights as often as you would like them. All of this means you’ll have a more streamlined way of monitoring your portfolio and keeping an eye on competitors.

Stay up to date with your existing portfolio

Use our quick search function to find the companies in your existing portfolio companies within seconds. Each one of them will have a comprehensive data profile, because we track all UK businesses that have received equity investment. You can even see how each individual business has been impacted by the pandemic, using our COVID-19 Impact dataset.

Add all your portfolio companies to a single Collection. This allows you to see all the relevant data in one place, with key stats and figures on hand so you can easily understand your exposure to risk.

Receive regular updates on any key changes at these businesses, from new filings made to Companies House, press mentions or a change to their  COVID-19 Impact status.  These alerts can be tailored to suit your schedule — receive them every day, once a week, or on specific days. This way, you can stay up to date with all the important information without receiving a constant barrage of notifications.

Monitor competitive companies

As the saying goes, keep your portfolio close but your competitors closer. Our Similar Companies tool makes it easy to identify new entrants to the market that may pose a threat to your portfolio. 

Just click on the ‘Similar Companies’ tab on any profile, and you’ll be presented with a comprehensive list of similar businesses, based on sectors, buzzwords and descriptive text. Click through to the company profile to learn more — could it steal significant market share? Has it pivoted its business model in the face of the pandemic?


Babylon competitors

You could also create a Collection from the list, so that you can track the progress of these companies going forward and make sure you’re aware of their movements, from a new senior hire to a new funding round. 

You can even see data on the fundraisings they don’t want you to know about. Beauhurst is the only data provider in the world to track unannounced fundraisings, which make up 70% of all investments in the UK. 

Monitor competitive funds

The platform also allows you to keep an eye on competitive funds, so you can see whether they’re investing in new opportunities, putting more money behind their existing portfolio, or choosing to lay low. 

Understand what's going on in the wider market

Our Explore feature lets you understand markets at a glance. See how fundraising trends have been affected by the pandemic in any location, sector, or niche area of operation, such aquantum or fintechAmong loads of other stats, you can also see the proportion of companies that have been positively or negatively impacted by the pandemic, in any given category.

Discover the UK's most innovative companies.

Get access to unrivalled data on all the businesses you need to know about, so you can approach the right leads, at the right time.

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