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How LEPs use Beauhurst to build their Strategic Economic Plan

Hannah Skingle

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The job of a Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is to ensure that coordination between local authorities and businesses is conducive to a thriving economy which fosters innovation, and that can compete on larger national and regional stages. Last month, we published an article outlining the role of LEPs in their local economy in a little more detail. But how do these organisations assess the market and identify areas and sectors to develop?

LEPs face difficulties when assessing the health of their economies, as boundaries often don’t align with city or county lines, making it hard to gather accurate data that pertains to the right locale. Beauhurst has an unrivalled depth of data on stakeholders, flows of investment, and up-and-coming companies in the UK. And we’ve recently expanded our Advanced Search tool to allow subscribers to search over companies, fundraisings and more by specific LEP regions, offering comprehensive oversight of the high-growth ecosystem.

Find any company in any region

Our powerful Advanced Search tool now allows you to segment by LEP region, giving a comprehensive overview of the private market.  Identify local scaleups, spinouts and startups that are already growing or those that may need your support to do so, with searches over employee count and financials. Find companies with innovative IP, and track local accelerator graduates.

The All Company Data add-on also acts like a more UX-focussed and detailed version of Companies House, allowing users to quickly review every company in the UK.

Develop a Strategic Economic Plan and support Inward Investment

Search over fundraisings to better understand existing investment flows and sector trends, and where there’s room for growth. See the most prolific stakeholders in the area and those that are just beginning to show interest.

Then identify and connect with key industry players in other locations, and encourage them to expand and collaborate within your region. 

Keep track of collaborators

Use Collections to track the progress of the top regional players, and receive alerts when they hit the news or secure a new round of funding.

Beauhurst client update

Unannounced deals

Uniquely, Beauhurst tracks unannounced deals, which means you can identify ambitious companies that would otherwise be under the radar. Our data shows that over 50% of fundraisings into UK companies are not announced to the press, giving you unparalleled insight into the early-stage market.

Number of fundraisings on Beauhurst

Beauhurst unannounced fundraisings

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