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How to Find Innovative Technologies Emerging in the UK

Sam Jennings, 28 November 2022

Corporate strategy, corporate innovation, corporate M&A, corporate venture… They’re all essentially interested in the same thing and face the same ask from execs: to drive growth through open innovation. Whilst the way they go about engaging and collaborating with businesses may differ (from accelerator programmes to formalised acquisition strategies), they all look to external innovation to solve internal challenges.

Many of our corporate clients use Beauhurst to identify hard to find, innovative businesses in the UK. 

What’s the most niche company you’ve tried to find before? We’ve helped teams uncover new technologies in a wide range of niche areas, including:

You name it, Beauhurst can find it! Read on to learn how you can locate innovation opportunities in your industry.

Don’t miss the next disruptor in your sector

How do you discover that “eureka” technology in your sector? And before your competitors? Well, you need to be highly targeted in your search. But it can be tricky to find innovative technologies in niche sectors. With so many businesses on offer, and so much data to sift through, screening the UK innovation market can be a lengthy process.

You may not know this, but there’s information available to the public on exactly what R&D projects companies are investing into. Innovation grants like Innovate UK can help you find businesses that are carrying out R&D in a specific project (even when it’s not mentioned on their website or announced to the press). 

Let’s say, for instance, that a traditional car manufacturer has quietly started to secure grant funding for research into electric vehicle charging points. That information is out there, but very time consuming to find. Now let’s say you use a tool like Beauhurst—instead of trawling through five pages worth of Google results, you can just run a quick search that says:

Find me businesses that have received an innovation grant in the past 12 months, for R&D into “electric vehicle charging”.

At the time of writing, the Beauhurst platform returns a list of 42 UK companies for this search.

Beauhurst for corporate innovation

Corporate strategy teams use Beauhurst to scan the UK market, to find out which technologies or industry verticals are growing, and where money is being invested—whether its artificial intelligence or greentech. We even track the 70% of UK equity deals that go unannounced to the press, so you can be sure you’re picking up on every fundraising you need to know about. 

In short, our data gives you a wealth of knowledge on the UK’s most innovative businesses, so you never miss out on valuable opportunities or emerging trends in your industry. 

Already have a niche sector in mind or a specific search you want to run? We’re up for the challenge! Book a demo of the Beauhurst platform and we’re confident we can find at least one company to excite you… 

Find me businesses innovating in [ insert your niche here ]

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