Discover the UK’s Digital Infrastructure with New Data

 6 June 2023

Did you know Beauhurst can identify the technologies a company uses to build their online presence?

From their web analytics 🌐, payment gateway 💰, or cloud services provider ☁️, Beauhurst’s website technologies data can help you better understand what companies use to shape their digital footprint.

We’ve now expanded this data to over 500k UK companies, with more on the way 📈

Here’s an example company:


Having access to this data can help you:

🔍 Discover potential clients with (or lacking 👀) essential technologies and leverage your product for their needs

🧑‍💼 Find the perfect role for candidates with niche technology skills

You can find companies using an Advanced Search:

Want access?
If you have access to our All Company Data add-on, this expansion is already included in all new and existing searches. If you don’t, speak to your account manager today to get access.

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